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  1. ganast

    OSC XML Feed - Help & Discussion

    For those getting this output: <STOREITEMS> <CREATED value="Thu Jun 8 5:45:40 CDT 2006"/> </STOREITEMS> I don't know what the problem is, but I did not understand why the author used INNER JOINS in the sql, so I changed them to left joins and that solved my problem. Change the two instances of "INNER" to "LEFT" and you should be good to go. --gabe
  2. ganast

    Shipping to Marshall Islands failed...

    OK, it is obvious that all of you have vast amounts of customers in the Marshall Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia... lol... so I think the answer to the problem is simply to remove those two entires from the United States Zones List. In other words, edit the zones table and remove the zones that contain the Marshall Islands Zone and the Micronesia Zone... this way osCommerce will not view these terratories as US states, but rather as Countries in their own right. --gabe
  3. ganast

    Shipping to Marshall Islands failed...

    OK, I guess the Federated States of Micronesia and the Marshall islands are now "international" for USPS shipping from the United States. I am not sure what that means from an osCommerce perspective... but osC is sending the wrong info to USPS... maybe it is sending United States as a country code? Not sure. Any help would be usefull as this is probably a change that needs to be made in the main download. --gabe
  4. I have a customer in the Marshall Islands that says, ...so is seems that somehow osC is sending the wrong info to the shipping modules. Anyone have an idea of what needs to change? --gabe
  5. OK, I have just installed the ECHO module in a store that processes about 30 or so orders a day. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,8 I have heard rumors of problems with the module, and have found plenty of my own and have begun to fix them, however I need as much input as I can get. For starters here are some interesting things that are not in the 1.7.4 module: 1) Errors return to the checkout_payment page. I have a similar but different set of code installed that I will upload soon as "1.8" http://forums.oscommerce.com/lofiversion/i...hp/t154448.html 2) Better Error checking. I am working on this and have not gotten this particular snippet to work yet... I am sure there is other transaction verification we can do... this is where I need *your* help. Can anyone tell me what type of transactions are getting through that should not be? http://forums.oscommerce.com/lofiversion/i...hp/t165748.html 3) Verified by VISA/MC Secure Code. I need to call ECHO about this. http://forums.oscommerce.com/lofiversion/i...hp/t121643.html 4) Misc errors I have fixed in what I call "1.8" http://forums.oscommerce.com/lofiversion/i...php/t88470.html 5) Are there any features in other modules that you would like to see in ECHO? Give examples please... Give me a few days and I will upload my 1.8 and let you all test it. I'm sure its not perfect, but it is important that this module matures, especially for my current client ;) --gabe
  6. @godino1 The code is not in the shopping_cart class but rather in the checkout_shipping.php file At the top of that file you will find something like this: if (($order->content_type == 'virtual') || ($order->content_type == 'virtual_weight')) { if (!tep_session_is_registered('shipping')) tep_session_register('shipping'); $shipping = false; $sendto = false; tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PAYMENT, '', 'SSL')); } Which checks to see if there is any weight and if the product is a download, and it then skips shipping. Of course, those settings are created by the calculate() function in the shopping_cart.php class @Coopco http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hacker "...one who knows a (sometimes specified) set of programming interfaces well enough to write software rapidly and expertly." --gabe
  7. @molafish, shanejackson, primadude, and other gv/coupon hackers: I have a question about the order_totals sequence, and am asking here since it is more germane to the gv/coupon code than to any other contribs, or the osC base. The order of the various ot_[modules] is painfully particular. I think that there is a problem where because the ot_tax module must come first, that when the tax is recalculted the $GLOBALS['ot_tax']->output[*] is still not updated, and when the totals are printed on the checkout_confirmation.php page the tax is displayed incorrectly despite the fact that the total is correct, and the correct figures get written into the db. Is there a function or a class that exists or is brewing in any of your minds that will allow for a "safe" update of the various order_total classes? If there is and I am missing it, forgive me. I have not completely dissected the gv/coupon code (!). If not, maybe we could start another thread about this. Bottom line is that there should be a way for order total module X to say, "if order total modules A, B, or C are enabled, please update them after me." Or maybe there is a way to auto-arrange the modules... ot_module_X might be able to specify that ot_module_A needs to both ->process() before and ->re-process() after ot_module_X. --gabe
  8. Below is code from linkpointms1.php that populates an array for output to xml... unfortunately it does not properly prepare the data... for instance, &'s are left raw, among other things that break xml... Shouldn't each of these lines use something like tep_output_string_protected()? --gabe 198 $myorder["host"]=MODULE_PAYMENT_LINKPOINTMS1_SERVER; 199 $myorder["port"]="1129"; 200 $myorder["storename"]=MODULE_PAYMENT_LINKPOINTMS1_LOGIN; // your store ID - supplied by linkpoint 201 $myorder["keyfile"]="includes/linkpoint/" . MODULE_PAYMENT_LINKPOINTMS1_LOGIN . ".pem"; // you will need to change this to your pem f ile (supplied by linkpoint) 202 $myorder["result"]=MODULE_PAYMENT_LINKPOINTMS1_MODE; 203 $myorder["Ip"]=$HTTP_POST_VARS['x_Customer_IP']; 204 /************ Convert Order Variables ********************/ 205 $myorder["userid"] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['x_Cust_ID']; 206 $myorder["cardNumber"] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['cc_number']; 207 $myorder["cardExpMonth"] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['x_CC_expdate_month']; 208 $myorder["cardExpYear"] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['x_CC_expdate_year']; 209 $myorder["bname"] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['cc_owner']; 210 211 $myorder["email"] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['x_Email_address']; 212 $myorder["phone"] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['x_Phone']; 213 $myorder["comments"] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['x_Comments']; 214 215 $myorder["baddr1"] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['x_Billing_Address']; 216 $myorder["addrnum"] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['x_Billing_Address_Verification']; 217 218 $myorder["bcity"] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['x_Billing_City']; 219 $myorder["bstate"] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['x_Billing_State']; 220 $myorder["bzip"] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['x_Billing_Zip']; 221 $myorder["bcountry"]= 'US'; 222 223 $myorder["sname"] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['x_ship_to_name']; 224 $myorder["saddr1"] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['x_ship_to_address']; 225 $myorder["scity"] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['x_ship_to_city']; 226 $myorder["sstate"] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['x_ship_to_state']; 227 $myorder["szip"] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['x_ship_to_zip']; 228 $myorder["scountry"]= 'US'; 229 230 $myorder["oid"] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['Set_Auto_By_Linkpoint']; 231 $myorder["chargetotal"] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['x_TotalAmount']; 232 $myorder["subtotal"] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['x_SubAmount']; 233 $myorder["shipping"] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['x_Shipping']; 234 $myorder["tax"] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['x_Tax']; 235 236 if (tep_not_null($HTTP_POST_VARS['x_CC_cvmvalue'])) { 237 $myorder["cvmindicator"] = 'cvm_provided'; 238 $myorder["cvmvalue"] = $HTTP_POST_VARS['x_CC_cvmvalue']; 239 }
  9. Scarlet: I had that problem as well (in 0.7 actually)... it happened when the customer entered something wrong and PWA took them to the "change the error" page... the delivery address would then be entered as blank. installing .82 fixed the issue
  10. ganast

    Ebay auction manager for OSCOMMERCE

    Ah... sorry... It does but I have the "unzip and run" version on my machie... it is not registered with Windows... so ActiveX is "off". Is there a way to do this without active-x for those who don't have it? --gabe
  11. ganast

    [Contribution] Dynamic MoPics v2.2

    Well here it is, thanks all. (It uses GD, FYI) Link to Image_Resize_1.0 --gabe
  12. ganast

    [Contribution] Dynamic MoPics v2.2

    You can have as many images as you want, and a thumb and a "bigimage" of each with Dynamic Mo Pics... Hey, does anyone have a good admin script that uses ImageMagick or NetPBM or something to automatically upload and populate DMPics from browsable images on my computer... ??? --gabe
  13. ganast

    Ebay auction manager for OSCOMMERCE

    Maybe its how I have ad blocking set or something... anyone know why Firebird would not show an embeded object? I know that Firebird and Mozilla are fully compliant with <object> tag rules... ??? --gabe
  14. It means that you can add a "dynamic" number of pictures to your product with large and small versions... but there is no admin utility for picture upload yet. You have to size and upload the images to your server yourself. --gabe
  15. ganast

    Ebay auction manager for OSCOMMERCE

    Not that it matters that much in most cases, but your description does not show up in Mozilla... I am using the Firebird 6.1 release which is equivalent to the Mozilla 1.4 release. --gabe