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  1. amir.magdy@gmail.com

    2checkout return URL

    ok how? :o
  2. amir.magdy@gmail.com

    2checkout return URL

    no i still have the same problem just tried now again it goes to 2checkout but never returns
  3. amir.magdy@gmail.com

    2checkout return URL

    i already did try this URL as it's the one in my ftp root folder but i still don't get redirected from 2checkout... it just stops at the confirmation page in 2checkout site!
  4. amir.magdy@gmail.com

    2checkout return URL

    i have just downloaded oscommerce yesterday so i assume i have the latest versions of everything i created a 2checkout account and configured return URL to be http://www.bazaregypt.com/pm2checkout_process.php which i was told by the FAQ @ 2 checkout the problem is i don't have this page and i don't know how to get it or install it now my website is configured correctly that it moves to 2checkout and displays the right information but it does not return to my websote so i can get confirmation that this process is complete or anything ... i don't know what to do i have been checking forum entries and googling the past day can anyone here help me? :'(