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  1. bengalliboy

    Virtual Mall Updates?

    I have downloaded the most recent of oscommerce and tried to install a mod called Virtual Mall. I did every thing the install says however looks like it is not compatible or updated. I am getting an error saying " FATAL ERROR: register_globals is disabled in php.ini, please enable it!" on admin login page. My goal is to get a Multi Vendor store up and running where vendors can set up their own payment /shipping in their pages and edit the category/products that only belong to them. So can some one please point me to an updated version of this or tell me what to do to fix this issue? Are there any other open source that will do the same that is "MultiVendor" store front etc for me? Many thanks for your help. --Regards/
  2. bengalliboy

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    Joe Were you able to create such module ever? I will need the same as far Manufacture from different location. What module do I use?
  3. bengalliboy

    Multi Shop item with one checkout

    Thank you for pointing the module and as I understand it will work for shipping to ship from different location. However will it also show on the schopping cart front end where the item might be located so before even selecting and buying to cart? Is there a demo or a page where it is installed and can I have a look? Thanks again!
  4. I will need some help/suggestion and if some one can direct me to a module I really appreciate it. Here is what I am looking for: I will have one site that will be displaying different items from different vendors. So Admin will enter item1 from location 1 or shop 1, item 2 from shop 1, item 3 for shop 2, item 4 from shop 4 etc. It could be a mixed of items however I can have multiple categories that the items will be distributed. When displayed users can have the choice to choose from Shop 1 or 2 etc and keep adding to their cart and when they check out, pay a total price of what they bought and the email on the admin site should show a break down of items group by shop locations for multiple orders from multi locations. Remember this is not going to sell items from one store, but will sell items from multple stores but we will have one admin, one checkout and one logons as if the site should be representing one big virtual store. Please advise. Thanks
  5. Bruce, I am paying some one to do this for me. He is using Zen and It is under development. Thanks
  6. Hey Salvo I need the same thing. Have you got it working or do you have the code for ship date and Time? Thanks a lot
  7. Ship date is really a great contribution. However I need to have the time option too. My store customer need to pick a time set by admin. Has any 1 done this? Can some one help me ? Thanks a lot
  8. bengalliboy

    scheduled delivery

    Were you able to get this? I need the same. Thank you
  9. bengalliboy

    Inventory Management

    I am interested on the same. Did you figure out ? Or do you know where I can get some help ? Thanks a lot---
  10. bengalliboy

    Help Needed!

    I need to know if I can set a certain price per pound (Weight) for a specific category say I am selling meat and the price is $ /lb . Customer wants to buy 5 lb so the result is $10. How would I do this? Any help is appreciated. TIA
  11. bengalliboy

    Price per pound as attribute?

    I am trying to do the same. I will need to sell item by weight. So if some on buys a item it should multipley by price per weight. How do you do this? Thanks
  12. bengalliboy

    shipping module help plz

    Flat Rate , always $2 but remember if mix match then the maximum one. Thanks
  13. bengalliboy

    shipping module help plz

    I have a need to have 2 different types of flat rate shipping by category. Say Catagory 1 will be $5. Category 2 $2 Also if some one buys from both category it should pick the highest shipping that is $5. Thanks
  14. I have installed the sts. When I go to catalog, it is blank. My sts is version 4.5.8. However if I upldate sts module location to to /include/stat_templates/' then it says template file does not exists. It is really frustating. Can some one plz help?
  15. I want to know if there is a module that I can install for Wholesale price so that, I want to display only retail price that I set but when a wholeseller logs in he sees a discounted price that I set. I also want to enforce # of pruducts for Wholesale that buyers must buy. Thanks