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  1. yenhun

    Ajax Order Editor

    I have installed this contribution but got 1 problem. When I click and edit the Discount or Delivery amount, such as 10.0000, it will somehow display multiple as "10.1010" if I put -10.000, then it will be display as "-10.-10-10". However, the mouseover in javascript display correct amount as you can see in picture. I try to reinstall again, but still same. Any idea how to fix this ? Thanks.
  2. yenhun

    Margin Report v2.10

    this report did not calculate the sales amount order correctly. Whenever there is an extra charges such as $2 for XXL, (SPPC installed) and item sales $20 + $2 = $22... but it only show out as $20. Any solution for this ??? :blush:
  3. By default there is a Reports of "Customer Orders-Total". Which add-on contribution that show "Monthly" Customer Orders-Total ? Thanks ~
  4. yenhun

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    I already added to display retail prices in product_info.php along with wholesale price. But I need it to display the retail prices in product_listing.php too, in a new column (just like the current wholesale prices). Anybody know if this possible ? Thanks.
  5. yenhun

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    I think I manage to made it now....install new total order module and assign to that particular customer group!
  6. yenhun

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Thanks. But I need minimum on TOTAL quantity, not per product. I try to install a new module for total order and set it to that customer under SPPC in admin, but it seems to apply to all customer even though I only select it for that customer for that module.
  7. yenhun

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    i have installed this contribution on my store and working perfectly. But need something else. Let say I assign a group called dealer and want to set that minimum order quantity is 100pcs and only applicable for that group. How to make it ? Thanks ~
  8. yenhun

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    on customer side ? But I tried to log in as a customer on website but just a normal log in. Don't have such selection.. even though I have assign it as reseller.. sigh ~~~
  9. yenhun

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Hi, successful install. Anybody can tell me where to find this function ? When I log in as admin in admin area, it doesn't have this select box. I tried to find it but seems cannot find where it located and which file associate with it. Please guide. Thanks.
  10. I have a problem here. Let's say: Jacket Red XS - 2 stock Blue S - 3 stock Black M - 5 stock TOTAL STOCK = 10 *** Stock checking in product info listing have no problems, as out of stock item will not be display out , so I assume it is working fine *** But when click I Add to Cart for Red XS, and in shopping cart there, it display "Product" as Jacket - Red XS", "Quantity" as 1, "Total" as $100.00. The Quantity option in shopping cart is editable, meaning buyer can enter any amount should they wish to buy more. When I try to enter 2, it is ok, when i try to enter 4, it is still ok (even though stock is 2 only), when I try to enter 11, error message pop up saying quantity over the stock available. So, I know that, this only check the TOTAL STOCK available (in this case 10), NOT the inidividual stock RED XS!! Anyone can help how to solve this ? Or just remove the feature that enable them to add extra quantity in shopping cart ??