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  1. davej

    WYSIWYG SPAW EDITOR Support Thread

    Hi All I am having a bit of an issue with version 1.1 I have been using it for a long time but never did much with the image upload. It seems to work good upto adding the image in the text field. There it works ok as long as the text field is for a site function such as add product. but for the news letter where I need it most it has an issue. it adds the image with a relative path ie. <img src"images/my.jpg"> wich is fine for the product page but when I send it in the news letter I need to refference the site. Is there an easy way to set this so I do not have to manually add the http://mysite.com every time I add an image in the news letter thanx dave
  2. davej

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Thanks that explains it. Just out of curiosity if my client was willing what kind of financial motivation would it require to develop that feature.
  3. davej

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Re mixed attributes for matching Options Rating http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...38entry852938 I thought I had posted this question this morning but now I can not find it so sorry if this is double some how I am still having a major broblem with attributes. as mentioned in the above post I have t-shirts with size and color. small medium large and red white blue. so for one t-shirt there should be nine products small red medium red large red small white medium white large white small blue medium blue large blue However when I go to matching the products in oscommerce to my quick books on the oscommerce side there are only six products as listed bellow. small medium large red white blue It does not see it correct is there something I did wrong or missed something in the setup/config or in the way I have created the attributes? I have search all over the place but cant figure this out. thanx for your help inadvance
  4. RE post http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?sho...=0entry852938 I am still having an issue with the attributes and products. As mentioned in the link above. I have a color and a size attribute. For example a T-shirt comes in a blue, red, white and smal, medium, large. It seams that it creates the following products Small Medium Large Red White Blue and it shoudl creat Small red Medium red Large red Small white Medium white Large white Small blue Medium blue Large blue Is there something I am setting up incorrect in the attributes or am I doing doing something else wrong
  5. Hi all I am sure some one has ran into this and hopufully has a solution. We sell t-shirts simple right. In our quickbooks we have each size and color as a product. So a red medium size skateboard t-shirt is one product. This is basicaly the way we order em from the printer and so on. In os commerce we have two artibutes per product, size and color for easy ordering. However the qbi module sees each size as a product and each color as a product. We need it to see each size in each color as a product so we can match our quickbooks. so if there are two sizes and two colors the qbi contribution sees four products a small, a large a blue and a red. it needs to see a small blue, a small red, a medium blue and a medium red. Does any one know how to set this up. thanks in advance dave
  6. Hi all I was wondering if any know how to hack/configure this. I need all usa orders to default to ups shipping and all other orders to usps. I am sure some has had to figure this out. thanx dave