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    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Hey everyone - just to say I managed it, and here's a few things that might help: I did it with the following: Latest version of HSBC Module Files from HSBC CD (they send you it) on 1and1 hosting with no previous knowledge regarding cpi KEY NOTE: If you are hiding the shop while you work on it e.g. using .htaccess to password it - this will obviously stop HSBC doing the postback and mean that no data is written to the database or emails sent. Its a simple obvious thing but it had me caught for a while! - Make sure when testing that the whole shop is accessable to the public - because if its not then hsbc cant access it either. Things to try if not working: make sure you have LATEST version make sure public can access shop if getting hacking attempt error - mess about with currencies The actual install works completly fine on 1and1, you can view my shop @ http://www.wheels-near-u.co.uk (shop not open till october) Hope this helps a little!!! .w.
  2. dotWdot

    HSBC secure-epayment module

    Ok so I have dabbled with getting this module to work - I am a fairly experienced php user but have a 5 page a4 list of things to do! If someone would like to quote me a price for this completion I would appreciate - or someone give me a hint as to what to do? its the same aforementioned problem where 1and1 doesn't appear to accept HSBC's post - nothing is saved down to database. It all works bar this small part - Apparently Jose has fixed for Volumax - What was the fix? Can we make it public or will someone do it for a price? Will look forward to PM's / Replies. "im not a businessman, Im a Business Maaaaan" dotWdot http://www.wheels-near-u.co.uk