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  1. prazim

    Scheduled Backup?

    thank you, Sam.
  2. Hi, I am wondering if there is a contribution for scheduled backup? I use a plugin in WordPress that does this and it saves the compressed DB to a folder in the WordPress install, so, when I backup my site, it is there. I checked contributions and didn't spot one. Many thanks, Sue
  3. prazim

    Wishlist Glitch

    I did, and it created another error lower in the code. I am wondering if Wishlist is opening a session without using that code that is creating the problem, but didn't see anything that jumped out of me. I did use a tool to search all of the key files and the sess_open was not found.
  4. prazim

    Wishlist Glitch

    I have searched and the only file containing sess_open is sessions.php....can I modify sessions.php to fix this problem? Thanks, sue
  5. prazim

    Wishlist Glitch

    Hi Nic! Thanks so much for updating wishlist! I have installed it but am getting an error when I now try to access the My Account link and have no idea why. This is the error: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare _sess_open() (previously declared in */catalog/includes/functions/sessions.php:23) in */catalog/includes/functions/sessions.php on line 23 These are lines 23-25 in sessions.php: function _sess_open($save_path, $session_name) { return true; } How do I fix this? Many thanks! sue
  6. I have spent a bit of time researching and installing contributions to enhance my store and presently have 2 failed contribs (product foldout and download file helper). The code edits are a bit involved for each, so it could be a simply placement issue, or something more. It's absolutely disappointing. On top of that, I wanted to install the Wishlist contrib which has many bug fixes but no recent full package, making the install a very tedious and multi-layered process. While in the midst of this, WordPress just released v2.7. I was able to upgrade 3 blogs and all 70 plug ins (in each blog) in just over an hour. I am hoping that you are looking at making the next version of osC as straightforward. It would be so much better to be able to simply implement a contribution through the admin interface, rather than all of the manual coding. Those developing the contributions provide an invaluable service to all of us, and truly take osC to a new level in online shopping platforms. I hope you are able to take a page out of the WordPress book with overhauling admin. Perhaps you already have in this next version, and I just haven't seen it yet. Also, osC does not yet seem to have a donations module, for those who wish to donate to the non-profit hosting the store. It would be awesome if this were accommodated in the next version. Thanks very much for considering my suggestions. kindest regards, Sue
  7. Hi, It's not giving me any errors, but it's not showing my opened list. I'm not using your other contrib. I have no syntax erros, but button red or green, it looks the same as if I hadn't done all the edits. Thanks in advance, sue
  8. prazim

    Bundled Products

    Is there someplace where we can view an example as to how to edit a product to include it in a bundle? I am not seeing a drop down from which to select products to add to the bundle. Thanks, Sue
  9. prazim

    Bundled Products

    Hi, my osC install is now giving the following error after installing bundled products: 1146 - Table 'commerce.TABLE_ADMINISTRATORS' doesn't exist select id from TABLE_ADMINISTRATORS limit 1 [TEP STOP] my table for my admin login is the default for osC which is "administrators" and nothing has been changed other than copying your files over and updating the tables as designated in your directions. How do I fix this? Thanks, Sue update - I found the error. somehow, the "administrators" syntax got replaced with the uppercase reference. and i am now able to get into my admin panel again.
  10. I want to offer images for sale and enable people to then either download them or send them directly to their cell phones. Is there a contribution for this? Thanks! Sue
  11. prazim

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Thank you SO much Jonathan! Sue
  12. prazim

    Need Recurring Payments module

    dear Brian,my gateway doens't charge anything additional, but I have to facilitate that selection by the customer by way of the shopping cart. that's why I need the module. many thanks! Sue
  13. prazim

    Need Recurring Payments module

    Hi, I need to be able to facilitate recurring payments. This is not the same as installments as this module will be used to enable people to purchase the same item monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually, automatically when they sign up for it. Many thanks in advance, Sue
  14. prazim

    Donations with and without purchases

    May thanks Tom.
  15. Hi, I am in the process of launching a non profit organization and need to give people the ability to make donations through the shopping cart. Initially it will just be donations but in the near future, they will also be able to purchase gifts as well, at which point I would like to present them with the ability to include a donation with their purchase. Is there an add on to handle this? Many thanks in advance, Sue