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  1. and I was looking for == 'd' to switch to == 'a' didnt occur to me that was descending Thank you
  2. Support thread is dead for years. Stumbled upon a little flaw. The categories section mostly works well. uncovered issues IF you use c.sort_order as the preference via admin console. If multiple categories are set at a common int (in this case all are set to 129), the order is alphabetically descending as show below. LED UV Blacklights LED Spot Light Fixtures LED Pixel Light Strings LED Outdoor Spotlight Bulbs LED Outdoor Flood Light Fixtures LED Outdoor Flood Light Dimmable LED Outdoor DMX Light Fixtures LED Outdoor DMX Flood Lights LED Meteor Tubes Mini Snow Falli LED Flexible Strip Light LED DC Spotlight Bulbs LED Club/DJ DMX Lights But that is contradictory to alphabetizing. I cannot figure out where the ascending/descending flag is switched. Betting I am missing the obvious, but a 2nd set of eyes would help. See problem live Little help please. Thanks Corey Minions Web
  3. will have to wait until after halloween, my busy season now. Canada customers will just have to be notified until I an take time to address the issue
  4. odd, in my shop it was drastically off. reviewing in fedex console the rate provided (stating transportation fees) shows as 74.40 FedEx International Ground® (2 Business Days) Base Rate 24.25 Additional charges (+) +Fuel surcharge 1.84 +Canada HST 5.33 +Declared Value 3.20 +Clearance Entry Fee 40.99 Discounts (-) -Earned discount (--) -Volume discount (1.21) -Bonus discount (--) Total 74.40 in the shop, it shows 37.09 Big disparity. I feel like I am missing something. Am I? Thanks Corey
  5. Dave, I am seeing domestic ground rates, not international ground rate for canada ground ship. Screen capture is in the link above to illustrate what I mean. Any insight?
  6. One error in explaining the problem, BOTH manual order editor and checkout_shipping are reporting the wrong rate. I did not discover the problem until creating the customers label in console. I looked through all the code and it appears to be filtering correctly. Any thoughts on how the returned array is replacing the international rate with the domestic? Insight appreciated. Corey Minions Web
  7. Did you start with a clean install? If so, which version? Or are you customized at all? Do you have error reporting turned on? You make no mention if domestic works normally or not. Seems you have install or configuration issues, or possible imcompatibilities. I have nearly 30 contribs added to my original 2.2 rc2 install. It is now ported for php 5.3 Lunarpages went from 4.6 to 5.3 with 36 hours notice over labor day weekend. There went nearly 70 hours of my life to deal with deprecations, research, revisions and testing. Error reporting is on. Your orders when selected to canadian destinations, show domestic, not the international ground option with a rate value (not 0.00)? I have not experienced that, I believe I can select any combination. In my case Rates always display, just not the right rate type - in the cart Manual order editor it shows the right type and total of the rate. You appear to have multiple issues, which leads me to believe you have an integration issue. Nope, again, all enabled international rates except international ground report. In its place, is domestic ground with a rate. Click the pic to see what is appearing. Not sure what you mean "value statement" - as in insured worth? customs value? All works fine for me, except the domestic ground in place of international ground in the cart checkout process. I think you need to go over your installation with a fine tooth comb and make sure you performed each and every step. Confirm that you have the updated validated meter from fedex, as the original meters we were issues are deprecated, and new number is assigned, as is a new key. My belief is you have seperate issues from what I am experiencing.
  8. I see some mention of international proplems, but not this particular one. Seems customers in canada can select regular domestic ground at checkout, international ground is NOT a presented option. Not sure how this can be, since it is international ground. AFAIK only international options should be all that is returned via the api The rate is about half of what it should be. Sorry but I am not out of pocketing 37 bucks on a sale under 300. It shows domestic in checkout_shipping.php I do notice that it does NOT appear as a choice in order editor. international ground is turned on in the console appears to be correct in the code (wsdl and fedexwebservices) Guess I have to reach out to tech at fedex to see if this issue is a reported bug. Any insight, or answer I missed in the thread?
  9. I happened to write the same thing, then came here to see if had been done. My goal was to make it php 5.3 compliant (which lunarpages upgraded to the other day out of the blue) Doesn't throw an error, but I have not tested a PO Box tho. Ill try the regex down the line, more important to get the store back in service....
  10. Since there havent been responses in ages, and not a hint of module updating I suppose you have abandoned this. Time to find another supported solution.
  11. Nice catch to make compatible with manual order editor. Just incorporated the v9 web services into our store I truly appreciate it, now i I can get Fedex to provide the key and password (services are down for 18 hours plus) I might be able to get our store functional again ;) I am going to add some edits to the install instructions, and add them to the contrib. I found the existing ones a tad understated and confusing. Thanks C
  12. Been some time since I had to look at this. Just did a large re-org on the website, but did not touch the code. All I have done is break out sub categories into top level categories, and in one case added about 30 subs to one main category. Now what is labelled in my admin console as FWR Menu is no longer expanding. It makes it annoying to look for subcategories since the menus no longer pop out. Any thoughts why this might be occuring? Thanks
  13. Seems we have both resolved the issues today. I have to thank you for the little poke. In my case, it was a combination of missing adding one of the array values in the db query as described in 2.6 install (havent checked 2.7 instructions), and swapping the string positions as described in the 2.7.01 fix. My error is mostly a result from having a heavily customized installation. As pchem has noted, yes, you need to have max boxes and max weight on to have this work. imc I selected 15 boxes, 200 lb max. Hope this can help someone in the future.
  14. Has anyone been successfully using the ship separate check box? Searched the thread to no avail. I have everything but that functioning correctly. I can check the box to my hearts content, but I never get multi-package totals. This really screws me up as I have a number of oversize items, in addition to many items that can be shipped together. For some reason it just does not seem to toggle the code.
  15. I believe I posted how to remove those with the sql needed earlier in the thread. yep, here and Evanisms more elegant solution