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  1. hmiranda

    Export orders into csv

    Do you know how to export orders? I can't figure it out? I posted a question but maybe I didn't ask the right one. I am using a drop shipping company that I need to download my orders to my computer and then send the file to them. It has to contain all the customer's information in addition to the order details. Am I in the right spot to find out information on how to do that? Any help is appreciated!! Thanks! :rolleyes:
  2. Hi all! I am a newbie and currently have CRE Loaded B2B latest version (11) installed and am loading product now. In the course of doing this and getting ready to open next week I realized that I can't find anything that allows me to download all my customer orders with their information and items. I am using a drop shipping company so I need to be able to download and then re-upload to the company. I am a total newbie and do not know any programming language - so any instructions need to be complete and not assume I know some programming or something. Although for not knowing anything I have done quite well with the site!! Any help is appreciated! :blush: