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  1. sealevel

    Looking for a Contribution

    Yea, Thats not really what I need.. Check this - http://www.sealevelservices.com/product_di...p?category_id=5 I am looking for something that does that. Then adds everything to the cart accordingly.
  2. I sell printing such as Business Cards, Postcards, etc. Each Product such as Business Cards have Different Qty's, Color Options (1 sided or 2), Paper Options (14pt or 16pt), and so on. When a customer selects each option, it effects the Cost. I am looking for a contribution that would allow us to set up our Products in this way. Any help or pointing in the right direction would be Greatly appreciated. :thumbsup: Thank you, -- D
  3. sealevel

    Accept eCheck Payments v2.0

    I installed Version 3.1 and all seems to work fine. Unfortunately I am having a problem with the hidden fields. When I select either Credit Card or Echeck, the fields are not displaying. Browser says Error on page, so I check the Line that the browser specifies, but I dont see any error. Can anyone help me get this one to work? Thanks in advance