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  1. Has anyone recently used Endicia with OS Commerce? How does it work? After someone purchases and pays, does their shipping address automatically get sent to Endicia or do you have to "do something" in Os Commerce admin? Is there some complicated coding to do in order to make this work? Any simple instructions or tips would be greatly appreciated. p.s. FedEx has anyone done pre-paid mailing labels with FedEx and OS Commerce? Any tips or advice on that? thanks a bunch
  2. I have the exact same problem. I commented out the ones we do NOT want to offer. You even deleted them altogether, and still they appear. I noticed no one ever came up with an answer. It seems like a simple task -- edit shipping methods, but in osc, nothing is simple.
  3. How can one edit the shipping methods offered for International Shipping in USPS module? We edited the usps.php file but it didn't make any difference. All we did was comment out the methods we did not want to offer. But while doing that, I noticed that there were shipping methods being displayed on our site that were not even listed in this usps.php script? How could that be? Where are all those other methods coming from? Is there another file we need to edit? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. I have a similar issue with editing shipping methods for USPS International shipping. I opened the usps.php module and commented out the International shipping methods we did NOT want to offer. This makes no difference in what the oscommerce cart is displaying. In fact, it displays shipping methods that are NOT listed in the usps.php script. So -- a seemingly simple task -- where does one edit the shipping methods offered for USPS international shipping? :blink: Is there more than one file to edit? Thank you!
  5. Yukon4

    Cannot process a credit card successfully

    I hear ya! I notice many, many posts go unanswered. This is an extremely frustrating cart to work with. I am presently having the same 'error message'. I have an oscommerce "guru" looking at it for me and even HE is stumped why it is doing that.
  6. Hello folks, We have setup a store using Authorize AIM. All the information has been carefully entered, the login, the transaction key, MD5 hash, etc. etc. We have Authorize in test mode. We're using a Shared SSL (don't know if that matters) We continue to receive this message after submitting credit card info: There has been an error processing your credit card Please try again and if problems persist, please try another payment method. What else is one supposed to do? If there is something else to configure, shouldn't it be included in the Admin configuration area? We're exhausted with this cart. Any tips, or suggestions on what to check would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Yukon4

    Header Tags for novices

    I'm not sure! :huh: I was thinking this would allow different pages in an oscommerce site to have different and more meaningful title tags rather than the exact same title at the top of every page?
  8. Yukon4

    Header Tags for novices

    Hello everyone, Just came upon Ken's contribution and this thread. I am working on a new oscommcerce site and this sounds like something we definitely should implement. My question: does anyone care to share their site so I can see how exactly it turns out after installing this contribution? Thank you! :)
  9. Yukon4

    FedEx Shipping

    We have a new store that will offer both USPS Priority Mail and FedEx shipping. We've got the USPS Priority Mail working beautifully. I don't see an option to select FedEx in the shipping admin section. Does this require some fancy 'contributions' and configuration? :blink: :blink: What's the simplest way to add FedEx shipping as an option for our customers? Thanks!
  10. Does anyone know if it is possible to set it up so that certain products will ONLY ship Ground? In other words, have it so the customer cannot select any other method for that product? Using either UPS or FedEx. Thanks! :rolleyes:
  11. Yukon4

    [Contribution] STS v4

    That sounds like something I could use....so if you have an existing site that is plain HTML, and you would like to keep that layout but make it OSCommerce, something like STS could make that transition a bit smoother? We just completed one OSCommerce store and it's not bad for a first attempt but still has that "default" edge to it. I'm envious of the sites that were able to jazz theirs up so beautifully. There's so much to learn it gets overwhelming at times, but still fun...thanks :rolleyes:
  12. Yukon4

    [Contribution] STS v4

    What is STS? :blush:
  13. Yukon4

    Editing php

    Hi again - can anyone out there help us out with this code below? "Ground Service" does not display in the cart - based on the instructions, it seems that it *should* display....???? Thanks!
  14. Yukon4

    Editing php

    Here is how it looks now. The problem is that GROUND never displays as a shipping option in checkout. Everything is commented out except 2 Day and Ground. Not sure what else to do to make GROUND display? // You can comment out any methods you do not wish to quote $this->domestic_types = array( // '01' => 'Priority', '03' => '2 Day Air', // '05' => 'Standard Overnight', // '06' => 'First Overnight', // '20' => 'Express Saver', // '90' => 'Home Delivery', '92' => 'Ground Service'); $this->international_types = array('01' => 'International Priority', '03' => 'International Economy', // '06' => 'International First', // '90' => 'Home Delivery', '92' => 'Ground Service'); }
  15. Yukon4

    Editing php

    Hello! Below is the code for our Fed Ex. Note, we have NOT commented out "Ground" yet in the checkout, the "Ground" option does not display. Also, we do not want "Priority". Yet when we added the // marks in front of '01' => 'Priority', it didn't seem to do anything - Priority still showed up. We even switched them around, put Ground up top and Priority at Bottom, but still cannot get Ground shipping to appear. We only want to offer Ground and 2 Day. Can anyone see where the problem lies? Thanks! // You can comment out any methods you do not wish to quote $this->domestic_types = array('01' => 'Priority', '03' => '2 Day Air', // '05' => 'Standard Overnight', // '06' => 'First Overnight', // '20' => 'Express Saver', // '90' => 'Home Delivery', '92' => 'Ground Service'); $this->international_types = array('01' => 'International Priority', '03' => 'International Economy', // '06' => 'International First', // '90' => 'Home Delivery', '92' => 'Ground Service');