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  1. Hello, I have installed this contribution and everything seems to install correctly. The store is going to be based in Canada. I have setup two tax zones for shipping: Shp:Canada tax zone with All Zones, Shp:USA with All Zones. In the shipping module: GeoZone table the first table I have set to Shp:Canada, the second one Shp:USA and the third table set as Rest of the World. (Do you need to have a tax zone for the rest of the world setup?) When I have someone in Canada buy a product, they are getting the correct Canadian Shipping cost applied to their order, but if I have someone from the USA try to buy a product, they are getting the International shipping rate rather than the US shipping rate. Anyone else have this problem or know what to do to fix it? Thanks.
  2. ljk

    [contribution] Print Order Receipt

    Hello, I don't seem to be getting out the credit card information in print_order2.php. Just getting the generic "Credit Card Payments". I have installed version 1.5, which has the update in it to get the credit card information printed. Do you need to be storing the credit card information in your db in order for this to work? I was also trying to get the comments/special instructions to show up on the invoice/receipt, but it always seems to come out blank. I was using this value: $order->info['comments'] to display the comments. It looked like orders.php was setting up the comments field, but nothing is being displayed. Anyone with any suggestions on either issue? Thanks
  3. ljk

    Country-State Selector

    Thank you for your help. That post was very close to what is needed now. The code that you use to default the state is: echo tep_draw_pull_down_menu('zone_id', $zones_array, '67'); You would change the '67' to the value of the state you want to be the default state. You can find what that value is by looking at the source code of the page where the pulldown menu is and see what value is used for the state that you want as the default. Hope this helps others.
  4. ljk

    Country-State Selector

    Hello, I have read through all 40 pages of this topic and have found other people that have asked the question I would like an answer to, but didn't find any answers. Has anyone found a way to change the default state from the first state to some other state? When the form initial comes up with the default country, I would like it to also come up with a default state. I don't care what the default is for the state, after someone changes the country, but I would like it to be correct when the person first views the current form. Is it possible to make this change and if so, where would I do it? Thanks.
  5. ljk

    Heads Up: Crex Oscommerce Xml

    Hello, I have gotten the get_product and get_cartegories xml file to work on the external site. I am able to retrieve the information and display it, which is great. But I can not get the retrieve_cart command to work when called on the external site. When I try executing the retrieve_cart command in my browser, it comes back with the contents of my cart, but when I use it in my external site, it always comes back with the cart being empty. I believe that it is probably has something to do with the wrong cookie being used, but I don't know for sure and don't know what to do to fix it. The commands to retrieve products and categories don't require any session or identification information whereas the retrieve_cart will. Any suggestions would be very helpful. Here is how I have the sessions configured: Session Directory /tmp Force Cookie Use True Check SSL Session ID True Check User Agent False Check IP Address False Prevent Spider Sessions True Recreate Session True Thanks for your help.
  6. ljk

    Heads Up: Crex Oscommerce Xml

    Hi, This sounds like what I need to access the shopping cart on a remote site, but I haven't a clue on how to go about using this. Could someone post a quick example of how to use this contribution, what code do I need for the remote site to access one of the crex commands and how to process what it returns. If I had a really simple example I can probably take it from there. Thanks