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  1. dkarlson

    Attribute Sets Plus

    Sweet, thanks for the help. I didn't even think about editing the product -- I just deleted the entries right out of the database. Thanks for your help and hard work. Damian
  2. dkarlson

    Attribute Sets Plus

    I installed everything according to the installation directions, and created my attribute set. I assigned an attribute set to a product, and then attempted to unset it. After unchecking the attribute set for that specific product, and then saving, I get the message that the operation was successful. Then when I click on the attribute set icon, it shows the set being selected for the product again. Any idea as to what's wrong? Additionally, once a set has been created, it copies it to product_attributes, meaning that I have to not only delete the set, but delete each attribute. Is this how it's supposed to work? Thanks! Damian