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  1. I have not been able to find a contrib for this. We ship our products some at RT (no ice), some on wet ice (ice packs, normal ice), and some on dry ice. We have different shipping charges for these, RT no additional fee, wet ice is x amount for domestic y for international, and dry ice also has two prices (one domestic one international). This fee should go on the whole order, not individual products. So basically, I need something that I can specify shipping conditions for each product, and then in the checkout it will add the correct additional charge to the shipping costs based on the products in there. No matter how many wet or dry ice products are in the cart, it should only be one fee (or two if there are both wet and dry ice) but it doesn't matter the quantity of products ordered of each condition, it's a flat fee. I hope that makes sense, I am not a php programmer and I barely understand php so I'm hoping someone out there can see this post and think "omg that is so easy" and make a contrib :) Thanks bunches!