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  1. sbraunm

    "Pay Now" with Paypal option for old orders?

    That´ s a very cool option. Where can I see how it looks on the buyer´s eyes? However it would leave the original order at the admin, waiting for payment eternally, right? Or it re-processes the old order????
  2. sbraunm

    "Pay Now" with Paypal option for old orders?

    Actually when buyers see their unpaid orders there is no way to pay them. There are no pay buttons on old orders. How to make this possible?
  3. Hello, I would like buyers with unpaid orders to be able to pay them with paypal (instead of being forced to make a new order). Is this possible? If yes, how? Thanks for your support. Steven
  4. sbraunm

    "Pay Now" option for old orders with Paypal?

    Yes, thats correct.
  5. Hello, Is it possible to add a paypal payment button for orders that were passed without paying them immediately? Regards, Steven
  6. Hello, I have Paypal on my website, and if buyers did not manage to pay their order they have to make a new order (some times many) until they complete their payment (and the previous unpaid orders stay on their history). I would like them to be able to pay with paypal any unpaid order they have on their account,with some sort of "pay now" button that could carry the neccesary info to paypal. Is this possible? Best regards, Steven
  7. Hello, Currently buyers arrive to a page were a tiny "continue" button takes them to use their credit card without opening a Paypal account. Is there a way to change the landing page to make buyers to arrive directly to the following page (where you go by clicking on that "continue" button) so that they could fill in their credit card details directly? My guess is many buyers do not complete their payment because they do not see the "continue" button and dont want to open an account with Paypal.... Thanks in advance for you help..... ;)
  8. Hello, I am looking for a reliable, easy to install and work with, with reasonable fee credit card processor. I need it to have multilingual interfaces (French/Spanish & English) and to be able to work in Euros. Other than 2checkout and PayPal, please, advice me on which options should I consider. Thanks a lot, Steven
  9. Hello, My OSCommerce web page has only one shipping method by weight. I would like to offer 2 or more. For example, regular and express mail services. I have browsed all the shipping modules (I think) but I have found nothing. Do you know where is such module??? Kind regards, Steven
  10. Hello, I am integrating 2checkout module with my webpage. This is one of the problems I need to solve, please help: I have internal order numbers on my web page (i.e: 2408, 2409, 2410....) which are my basic way to link payments received with my orders. When receiving paypal payments they indicate my order number. However 2CO is creating an automatic order number(cart id) , corresponding to the date and hour of the purchase/payment (i.e.: 20070822180245...YearMonthDateHourMinutesSeconds). Please, tell me how to fix this and get my real order number. Thank you very much, Steven P.S. I am using pm2checkout v2.1b