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  1. Grorakel

    Easy Meta tags

    I use the Contrib, is very nice. But i have a question... If i use in Category Title html code than is ok in site but not in browser. Can i fix this or i cant use html in category title? Look what i meen - Website Thank you.
  2. I installed this contribution and it works fine on product_listing.php, but not on product_info.php. Here it always shows the red "out of stock" image. i have the same problem. Have we news for this?
  3. Grorakel

    Cool Flash Carousel Menu

    This contribute is fantasic, but i see of the DEMO page it is not working on Firefox 2.0.8 it for only in IE. In Firefox i see a white screen. Have you find the Problem for Firefox? Or can you make it so, if not load Javascript saw a Jpg Picture at this point. than is not a white page on this point.
  4. Grorakel

    Contribution Tracker

    have it sorry, i dont have in database_tables.php the: // START - Contrib Tracker define('TABLE_CONTRIB_TRACKER','contrib_tracker'); // END - Contrib Tracker
  5. Grorakel

    Contribution Tracker

    1146 - Table '*******.TABLE_CONTRIB_TRACKER' doesn't exist UPDATE TABLE_CONTRIB_TRACKER SET status ='0', contr_last_modified = '2008-11-28 17:48:07' where contrib_name = 'Contribution Tracker' and last_update < '2008-11-28 17:48:07' [TEP STOP] I work find, than i have installed SPPC 4.2.2 i overwrite in the admin and in the catalog the files (filnames.php, database_tables.php). Than i follow the instructions again to paste the: // START - Contrib Tracker define('TABLE_CONTRIB_TRACKER','contrib_tracker'); // END - Contrib Tracker and i have this error. I install the SQL again but nothing, what can i do? Thank you.
  6. sorry wrong topic write.
  7. Grorakel


    Question, if a user make login but not have incomming email. Can i re-send the Validations link again from adminpage. A button in stat constumer, same delete but send validation again? Sorry for my english.
  8. Grorakel

    All Products SEO

    i work with FCKeditor is i change the FCKConfig.IncludeGreekEntities = true ; of "false" to see the charakter in code ok than have this problem. if is of true is not problem. Extra i have some produkt names in latein and in Greek. At view all products A | B | C | D | ect. I see the Products with "S" and in Greek with " Σ" not in the self site. How can i change this?
  9. Grorakel

    All Products SEO

    hello i have a problem with the character set. I use a shop in Greek. If i click of view all products i see the complett shop in not true characters. Can i fix this? The shop is Visit My Website