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  1. I ended up fixing this on my own. I found that by changing the value of "DIR_FS_DOWNLOAD" in configure.php, you can point your download folder to another folder outside of the public OSCommerce files. By doing this and using Downloads Controller, you can protect your files from getting downloaded and the users will be forced to go through the store, even if they know the name of the actual file.
  2. Hello: I recently tested out Downloads Controller 5.3.2c on a fresh OSCommerce 2.2 RC 2a installation. Everything is working great as documented. But I have one question. Can Downloads Controller be pointed at another directory other than the default "download" folder that is located within the other public OSCommerce files? The reason I am asking is this: If somebody makes a purchase, and downloads the file (let's say it is called "file.zip"), they can potentially write down the name of the file and then point others at the URL: http://mystore.com/download/file.zip. Obviously they would have to know that this is a default OSCommerce store and that the "download" folder is there. But, if there was a way to move the publicly available "download" folder to another path on the local filesystem, this would prevent any possible direct downloads. Can this be done? I started to look at other posts incase somebody has already looked at this, but I haven't come across anything yet. Thanks very much in advance! -- Chris
  3. szilagyic

    Basic Design Pack Support

    Hello: I am also having a problem with BDP 1.7b on an OSCommerce 2.2ms2-051113 install. I installed OSC and added my products (with uploaded images). But when I installed BDP 1.7b over the top of my store, every page is page is blank starting where the first image should show up. Viewing the source in my browser shows the code is truncated where the <img> tag would start. It seems to be something in html_output.php with BDP. When I use the original html_output.php everything shows up fine, images and all. Has anybody seen this happen and is there a fix??? Thanks in advance. -- Chris
  4. Just wanted to add a comment about this mod. The version found here: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1373 DOES work with OSC 2.2 MS2. I have personally installed version "20 Jul 2003 - Categories Description MS2 1.5" on OSC 2.2 MS2, and it works great. Thank you for the update to the original version 1.1 which was not compatible with OSC 2.2 MS2, this is a great contrib!!! The only thing I should mention is that within the installation instructions, step #4 for changes for "catalog/index.php", it mentions looking for the line "// We build the manufacturers Dropdown ...". This line is not in the code, however if you go down to around line 258, you should fine the line it mentions, "?> <td width="100%" valign="top"><table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> " . This is where you need to be for step # 4. Other than that, the instructions are accurate. Hope this helps a little bit, for those having trouble getting this contrib to work on OSC 2.2 MS2. -- Chris