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  1. Unfortunately the way I enter didn't seem to influence the sort order, but will give it a new try on a fresh install. I was hoping that adding or modifying 1 or 2 lines in the code somewhere would do the trick permanently by sorting ascend or descend. btw, same problem here with the sort attribute contribution... it didn't work for me since I am using a different language than English.
  2. Ballards, Yes, that one will work. I have a different problem at the moment and the solutions I found on the board or in other attributes won't work (at least not for me). I succesfully installed OSC 2.2 RC1 with QTPro 4.3. The problem I am having at the moment is that I can't sort the attributes properly on my website. I have for instance T-shirts with sizes S, M, L, X, XL, XXL. It doesn;'t matter at all in which order I add them in the product attributes admin-panel, because when I look in the shop, it's all messed up. It looks like they sort randomly.. like S, L XL, M, XXL Is there an easy fix to sort the attributes ascend of descend? I did find some contribs who should do this trick, but as mentioned before.. I didnt'get them to work at all. A simple sort-command (order by) SOMEWHERE should do the trick, I think, except I have really no idea where to do that and to look for. Hope someone can and will assist.
  3. Hi there, I'm new to this, but I succeeded in doing a fresh install of RC1. I tried to implement QTPro 4.3, but after several attempts.. I still didn't succeed. I have done all the four steps as instructed, checked the DB if everything was there and it was, but after copying the files from the zip to the server I don't see anything happening in de admin-panel. For instance.. I don't get the 'stock-button', not even when I just add 1 new product with 2 newly added attributes. So, I was just wondering if someone allready succeeded in adding QTPro 4.3 to RC1, and if so.. could you give me (or anyone else offcourse) some hints or a working manual? Thanks in advance, Daros