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  1. Yes of course but if it's compatbile with Magento then one doesn't have to code from scratch, one would have a base to work on, thus saving time.
  2. Hello. There is currently no Oscomerce payment module for CCnow. Apparently the module for Magento shopping cart is somehow compatible with Oscommerce. Do you know if this is true, and how to make it work (they use different directory structures it seems so some php programming skills are required as far as I can tell). Thanks.
  3. I'm using this addon - It's installed and configured correctly, but when it goes to the 2co secure page there is an error message displayed, so I don't think it's passing the info from oscommerce to 2co correctly. Any ideas?
  4. Yes but it's not working properly. That's why I need to know from someone who is using 2checkout if one must enter each product separately into 2checkout (if you use 2co you'll know what I mean) or is there a `buy now url' one can use. Cheers.
  5. In other words is there not just an editable `buy now url' that one can pass to 2co?
  6. Hello. I just wanted to confirm this - must one enter each product incl. price into 2checkout before one can use the 2co module in oscommerce? I ask because if one has lots of products this would take a long time. Is it not possible to just send the order total and postal address to 2co? Thanks!
  7. Obviously an email is sent with the current conditions when a new reference file is created, but you are missing the point and have misunderstood my observation. If it finds a deleted file(s), then in the email report that it sends, it lists the deleted files but it does not show if there are any size, time, or permission changes. You then suggested to create a new reference file, but that would be a mistake because you wouldn't know about any size, time, or permission changes from the last time you ran a report (the same report that showed the deleted files). Do you see what I mean? Sitemonitor has failed to show size and time/date mis-matches on a hacked site.
  8. Yes the code may monitor it but if there's a deleted file(s) found then you can't find out about these other mis-matches. It looks like only if there isn't any deleted file(s) will it show/check for the other mis-matches. So if you delete the reference file and create a new one like you suggest, then you won't know about the other mis-matches.
  9. So in other words if you want it to also check for size, time/date, and permissions mis-matches one will have to customise the code. This would make this a more useful contribution, because it hasn't shown size and time/date mis-matches once yet, not even on a hacked site.
  10. Thanks for this useful contribution. I have a question though. If it finds a deleted file(s), then in the email report that it sends, it lists them but at the end of the file it says SIZE MISMATCH: Size differences not checked due to deleted file(s) TIME MISMATCH: Time differences not checked due to deleted file(s) PERMISSIONS MISMATCH: Permissions not checked due to deleted file(s) --- Is this normal? Shouldn't it check for these as well regardless of whether it found a deleted file or not? And is there a way to only check for size, time/date, and permissions mis-matches? If not then that would be a useful addition to this util.
  11. Yes I've already got the contrib for anti-XSS. I was just wondering about it, and this solution was recommended :
  12. Great, looking forward to it. I have another question/suggestion (you can read more about it here) with regards to PHP_SELF in code, can cause problems. For interest sake I searched for this term in my Oscommerce files and it appears several hundred times. What are your comments on this? (I'm not a coder hence the question).
  13. Thanks for this contribution, I'll install it soon. Just a quick question with regards to your newest scan for whitespace in php files, is it possible for you to include the option to delete these trailing whitespaces? I'm sure this would be useful for many people especially after having had code injected into all php files (which is what recently happened to me and who knows how many others using Godaddy LOL). Thanks.
  14. I have a working contribution installed that allows someone to go straight to the checkout process without creating a free account (so their postal address and order history won't be saved in oscommerce as a result). The link it goes to is /create_account.php?guest=guest Now I've noticed that when people choose to do this (go straight to checkout without creating a free account), then for some reason Recover Cart Sales doesn't store the cart. What changes must I make for RCS to recognize and store the carts of those who do this? Thanks a lot.
  15. Thanks for this contribution, I've sent a small donation to the author. In the update.html for v2.23a, it doesn't list what the changes are from v2.23 to v2.23a. Do you know what the changes are? It says in the community contributions page only `Updated with bugfix by country.' So does this mean `the email to the customer will be sent in the customers chosen language, not with the admin tool language', is the only change from v2.23 to v2.23a?