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  1. Thank you ecartz. Found in error_log: 
    PHP Warning:  require(includes/modules/navbar_modules/templates/tpl_nb_categories.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/ice/public_html/shopping/includes/modules/navbar/nb_categories.php on line 68

    Changed line 68 to:

    Appears to be working!

  2. Hello,

    Hope this is the proper place to ask, I did not find a support topic for Categories Navbar Module.

    Just installed this in Phoenix v1.0.6.0 (php 7.3.18) and when installed, entire shopping cart goes blank. Dashboard is fine, uninstalled module and shopping cart is back. I found that when uploading, the instructions call for files to be placed in includes/languages/english/modules/navbar_modules which does not exist, only includes/languages/english/modules/navbar. Also, includes/modules/navbar_modules where only includes/modules/navbar exists. Tried making the new folders, app was not there to be installed.  

    Any help?

    Thank you, Chuck

  3. Just changed from php5.4 to php5.5 and I am able to enter the information. But the module does not load on checkout_payment.php. I do not see it in Modules > Payment. It is in the Install Module section but even if that is clicked it does not show as installed. I do have the app showing at the top of my admin page. I do have Braintree > Credentials: Merchant ID, Public Key, Private Key, and USD (default) fields filled in.

  4. Hope someone can help me..


    Installed the latest Braintree App v2.010 app to a copy of my modified 2.3.4 osCommerce. First tried to install only the basic files, not the Legacy Changes. When viewing the Credentials page, the app tells me:

    "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ')', expecting :: (T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM) in /home/wztwnjwn/public_html/shopBraintree/includes/apps/braintree/admin/content/credentials.php on line 19"


    I commented out that section of the file (see code below), try to access Braintree again and received:

    "Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ')', expecting :: (T_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM) in /home/wztwnjwn/public_html/shopBraintree/includes/apps/braintree/admin/content/credentials.php on line 31"


    Commented out that section. The app runs OK. I was able to enter all information correctly and complete a transaction.


    I then installed the Legacy Changes and could not get the Merchant Currency Accounts information to stick, comes up with a blank line where my info should be, in USD (default).


    Started over, re-copied all files from working osCommerce 2.3.4 to a new test installation, new database, new install of Braintree 2.010 including Legacy Changes. Same story, receive the above errors. If I remove the code causing the errors, I can then see the Credentials page but can not enter the Merchant Currency Accounts information. Does not matter if I have Braintree set to Live, Sandbox, or Disabled, same result.


    Can anyone help me? I am ok with the basic app but would like the full package if possible.

      if (!class_exists('currencies')) {
        include(DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'includes/classes/currencies.php');
      $ma_data = [];
        foreach (explode(';', OSCOM_APP_PAYPAL_BRAINTREE_CURRENCIES_MA) as $ma) {
          list($a, $currency) = explode(':', $ma);
          $ma_data[$currency] = $a;
      $sandbox_ma_data = [];
        foreach (explode(';', OSCOM_APP_PAYPAL_BRAINTREE_SANDBOX_CURRENCIES_MA) as $ma) {
          list($a, $currency) = explode(':', $ma);
          $sandbox_ma_data[$currency] = $a;
      $currencies = new currencies();

  5. A little more detail. The add-on: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9080

    Add-on calls https://js.braintreegateway.com/v1/braintree.js
    Add-on uses "data-encrypted-name" on the CVV and Card Number input fields only. All others are "name."
    I do have SSL on my website.


    Does anyone know if not using 'name' in a form field can stop that data from touching my server?

    Would doing so only on the card number and CVV fields be enough for PCI?


    I did just send this question in to Braintree, but would I like to know what other people might know about it.

  6. Hello,


    Can anyone tell me if I will have PCI compliance problems using the Braintree Add-on for osC 2.3.4? I notice it does not use Braintree's iframes solution. I would rather not have any card data touch my website. -Thank you!

  7. I am having a problem with free shipping per product for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3. If the weight of a product is not an even number, no decimals, the free shipping can fail and charge the customer for shipping. I installed the module a few months back and when orders started for the season some people were being charged shipping when they should not. This would only happen with certain number of products in the shopping cart. 1 or 2 and shipping was free, 3 sometimes, and most orders of 4 or more were getting charged. I had shipping weights of 1.2 and 1.5 pounds on these products. 


    The fix I found was to change all product weights to 1 pound. That works, but I would like to use fractional pounds, some of my products only weigh an ounce. I need to use a weight to be able to charge shipping for export orders. I did not try weights other than 1 pound.


    The problem seems to be that Free Shipping Per Product for osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3 does not like to have fractional weights. If anyone can help with this I would sure appreciate it.


     - Chuck

  8. May I suggest that the 2checkout module that comes with osCommerce (2.3.4) be removed and replaced with the module that 2checkout provides on github. I did this and it works perfect. Allows the pop-up 2CO payment that makes it appear to the customer that they do not leave your website. Also used this successfully on earlier 2.3 versions.


    Instructions on 2Checkout.com: https://www.2checkout.com/shopping-cart/oscommerce/

  9. Update..

    I recently installed a shop and had the same problem as the original post, no return to the catalog after payment at 2checkout. Tried using the 2checkout module that was packed with osCommerce and it did not return to catalog after paying so I uninstalled that module. Replaced the files that came with osCommerce using the module referred to by 2checkout and it worked perfect first time.



    Settings at 2checkout in addition to those provided in the link above to return customer to your catalog after payment:

    2checkout.com: Account > Site Management > At the bottom of the page:

    Direct Return: Header Redirect (Your URL)

    Approved URL: http://yourSite/catalog/checkout_confirmation.php


    Hope this helps someone..

  10. I know this is an old thread but I though I would post this in case it helps someone.

    I just installed 2checkout on my 2.3.1 shop and it works fine. I used the module that 2checkout specified, not the one that came with 2.3.1 as the pre-packaged module did not return to my shop.

    Follow these instructions and you should have no problem with a 2.3.1 (and I assume newer) shop.


  11. Trying to make theme switcher 1.4.1 work on a fresh install of osc 2.3.3

    Had all green checkmarks on first install, green checkmarks on updating jQuery to 1.8.3

    Error comes when I try to change Jquery UI Version 1.8.22 to 1.9.2 - The theme CSS file is the wrong version or missing!

    When I try to install a new theme. I am finding that no theme that I download, including Redmond, has the themes/redmond/jquery-ui-###.custom.css

    None of them have any "custom" files, only the .zip file contains the word custom.

    Upload a new theme, even though there is no "custom" file and I get the same error The theme CSS file is the wrong version or missing!


    Am I doing something wrong?


    I also find there is no option "Select the highest version number available in the radio buttons below the pulldown." on http://jqueryui.com/download/


    Thanks for any help offered!

  12. One more question. I would like to set things up have a higher price for quantity less than 6.



    Less than 6 items: add $25 design fee

    6-12 items: no discount, no design fee

    12 - 24 items: $0.50 discount per item

    25+ items: $1.00 discount per item


    This could be done by upping the price by $25, but that would make the item look too expensive.

    I tried the following but no luck. Can price increase rather than discount be done?


    case 20:

    if ($count > 24) {

    $disc_amount = 1 * $count;

    } else if ($count > 11) {

    $disc_amount = 0.5 * $count;

    } else if ($count < 6) {

    $disc_amount = -25;



  13. Wonder if I am misunderstanding this. I want to specify discounts for a product. For example if the customer buys more than 12, I would like to take $35 off the price of each item. So I do this, right?


    function apply_special_item_discount($id, $count, &$disc_amount) {

    switch($id) {

    case 19:

    if ($count > 12) {

    $disc_amount = 35;




    Is this supposed to take $35 off of each item or does it only take $35 off of the order total no matter how many items over 12?

    I am only seeing $35 off of the order total.

    Fresh install of osC 2.3.1


    thank you!