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  1. hi thanks for your replay and your time 1º for test i have used the files provided with Additional Images Module for STS content pages - Version 1 this file define this tags 2º i have some category's with sts templates and other without, and to see the result the layout off page is not the same. 3º i have the template enable because if i not have the template enable i can't see the tags $imageblock1$ $imageblock2$ etc. the others tags are ok. I have make test's in 2 servers, one is for test's and another is my on-line server with distinct versions php, sql and SO the result is the same. the sts version is 4.5.2 and the addi images i make the upgrade for last version. after many experiments this is my conclusion. the system ignore this code if (ADDIMAGES_MENU_LOCATION == 'product_info') { // image blocks. the lightbox on/off and if/else statement is in displayimages.php // displays the block of additional images in small size (with or without parent image, depending on admin settings in "Product Info: Group parent with sub-images" Admin need to be set to display on product info. On click = lightbox if enabled. If disabled use thumbs for mouseover $template_pinfo['imageblock1'] = $imagemenu->groupoutput(); //displays just the popup image on product info site reacting on thumbs of imageblock1 if lightbox disabled. Use it if you want to handle the mouseover output independed of the thumb menu. If lightbox enabled it turns into a static image $template_pinfo['imageblock1a'] = tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . (!empty($selected_image['products_image_pop'])?$selected_image['products_image_pop']:(!empty($selected_image['products_image_med'])?$selected_image['products_image_med']:(!empty($selected_image['products_image'])?$selected_image['products_image']:''))), $selected_image['products_image_description'], (ADDIMAGES_POPUP_RESTRICT_IMAGE_SIZE=='true'?POPUP_IMAGE_WIDTH:''), (ADDIMAGES_POPUP_RESTRICT_IMAGE_SIZE=='true'?POPUP_IMAGE_HEIGHT:''), 'id="mainimage"') . (!empty($selected_image['products_image_description'])?$selected_image['products_image_description']:''); // displays displays the block of additional images in small size (with or without parent image, depending on admin settings in "Product Info: Group parent with sub-images" Admin need to be set to display on product info. If lightbox enabled, pop image turns into a static image. If disabledpopsize image on mouseover $template_pinfo['imageblock2'] = tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . (!empty($selected_image['products_image_pop'])?$selected_image['products_image_pop']:(!empty($selected_image['products_image_med'])?$selected_image['products_image_med']:(!empty($selected_image['products_image'])?$selected_image['products_image']:''))), $selected_image['products_image_description'], (ADDIMAGES_POPUP_RESTRICT_IMAGE_SIZE=='true'?POPUP_IMAGE_WIDTH:''), (ADDIMAGES_POPUP_RESTRICT_IMAGE_SIZE=='true'?POPUP_IMAGE_HEIGHT:''), 'id="mainimage"') . (!empty($selected_image['products_image_description'])?$selected_image['products_image_description']:'') . $imagemenu->groupoutput(); // displays the block of additional images in medium size (with or without parent image, depending on admin settings in "Thumb Menu: Show parent image" Admin need to be set to display on popup. On click all group in lightbox effect if enabled or regular AI pop up if disabled $template_pinfo['imageblock3'] = $additional_images->groupoutput(); // displays under development $template_pinfo['imageblock4'] = tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . (!empty($selected_image['products_image_med'])?$selected_image['products_image_med']:(!empty($selected_image['products_image'])?$selected_image['products_image']:'')), $selected_image['products_image_description'], (ADDIMAGES_POPUP_RESTRICT_IMAGE_SIZE=='true'?POPUP_IMAGE_WIDTH:''), (ADDIMAGES_POPUP_RESTRICT_IMAGE_SIZE=='true'?POPUP_IMAGE_HEIGHT:''), 'id="mainimage"') . (!empty($selected_image['products_image_description'])?$selected_image['products_image_description']:'') . $imagemenu->groupoutput(); } but if i try for example insert this code out the if statement $template_pinfo['imageblock1'] = $imagemenu->groupoutput(); the system give me this Fatal error: Call to a member function groupoutput() on a non-object in C:\web\www\catalog\includes\modules\sts_inc\product_info.php on line 166 but if insert this code out the if statement $template_pinfo['imageblock1'] = $additional_images->groupoutput(); i have the block menu ok like the category's without the sts template. i have not the option to have small images but this work. At the moment i have not make the full integration with LIGHTBOX in my custom pages, but i think there are one problem in the project or are missing something in the file. thanks jn
  2. Hi everyone hi need some help I have installed sts , add images and add images module for sts. in some category i use sts templates. in categorys without sts template everything work fine, i have the bockimage and in popup image i have all images. in the catery with sts template i have the normal image, in the pop image i have all images but in blockimages i see the tags for the sts template. this is wath i see $imageblock1$ $imageblock2$ $imageblock3$ $imageblock4$ what is wrong, for test i use product_info and the template supplied with the adon. i don't have the menu with the smal images thanks in advance jn
  3. jnjn

    [Contribution] SEO-G

    hi Sorry in advance for my bad inglish I need someone validate one issue in this contribution. In the product page we have the link to the manufactor product page everithing goes weel but if the product url have this caracther & , in this case the link is broken and the sistem redirect to the catalog/index. if the link d'ont have this sign everithing goes well. At the momente the solution i have is this. in the redirect.php //-MS- SEO-G Support Added if( isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['goto']) ) { $new_url = urldecode(($HTTP_GET_VARS['goto'])); // $new_url = htmlspecialchars(urldecode($HTTP_GET_VARS['goto'])); $HTTP_GET_VARS['goto'] = $new_url; } //-MS- SEO-G Support Added EOM in this case i need to have this configuration seo-g safe mode true seo.g strict validation false and in the exclude add popup_image.php I need to now if i have a problem with the instalation or if we have one problem in the seo-g with "htmlspecialchars" thanks in advance
  4. jnjn

    Products Cycle Slideshow

    I if you have the cont 3 pictures for the produt, you have products_image; products_image_med and products_image_pop. try replace in the products_cycle_slideshow.php all products_image for products_image_med. And when you enter the picture in the product you can control the image size jn
  5. jnjn

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Sorry where i say $content I want say $productdesc jn
  6. jnjn

    [Contribution] STS v4

    I all 1ºI have instaled some contribuition with the sts like "extra filds and the related products" and i'have some problems with the sts_template.html layout the boxes d'ont line up . The solution for that problem is to change the original cod in the sts_inc/product_info old cod $sts->start_capture(); if ((USE_CACHE == 'true') && empty($SID)) { echo tep_cache_also_purchased(3600); } else { include(DIR_WS_MODULES . FILENAME_ALSO_PURCHASED_PRODUCTS); } $sts->stop_capture ('alsopurchased'); // Get the result to the main array $template_pinfo['alsopurchased']= $sts->template['alsopurchased']; // Put it in the product info new code in the sts_column_left.php add befor the end if (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['products_id'])) { include(DIR_WS_MODULES . 'also_purchased_products.php'); $sts->restart_capture ('also_purchased_products_box'); } in the sts_inc\product_info.php add befor the end $template_pinfo['alsopurchased']= $sts->template['also_purchased_products_box']; I think this make more sense .!!!??? 2º Because I'have very long product description for some products, and this way the client d'ont see the boxes also_purchased and the related_products i have included the $contend in popup_image. For this i trie to create another template for the 2ª popup_image but the sistem only work with the default template. At this moment i d'ont need because i'have instaled the contribution add images 2.0 with osc_lightbox_1 and the popup_image for the default image with the $content. Question: It is possible add more popup_image templates in the sts system.??? thanks jn
  7. jnjn

    [Contribution] Extra Fields

    Hello all I don´t now if this is the solution, but in my case work perfect. I remix this contribution with another one category fields http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,3173 after that in admin/category.php you need to make a filter to make dependent to the category. this way you can create a fild's for a particular category or category's, when you create a new product you only see this fild's not all like the original contribution. jn
  8. jnjn

    [Contribution] STS v4

    weel done In fact i have more pieces of code to the sts, thei work for me but i think is not a perfect code. This is the reason why i d'ont upload de cod. Maybe with some help :-" . If cod master are available :thumbsup:
  9. jnjn

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hello everbody hi bkellum I don´t now if you refer to me in your post. In fact i posted un STS add-on in 21/08/2007 in Extra fild contribution. Like i said i'm new in this forum and in the oscommerce cod. I dont now the rulers but I try to learn. This way if you think this is a good contribution, is with pleasure i re-upload the contibution. thanks to community for Great Job
  10. jnjn

    [Contribution] Extra Fields

    Hello all This is my first post (sorry in advance for my Inglish) I have one sugestion for the PHP master's and one solution (I think) for all who wont make work this contribution with the STS. link:http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2202/category,all/search,extra tell me if this work for you Sugestion: why not make extra filds to depend to category list this way when we enter in the products only have the filds they mach with the category and not all I trie to code but my php :blink: I think one way is to make one interface like optional_related_products contribution or when we add new fild in the products_extra_filds add a dropdown category list. and add a fild to the categories in products_to_products_extra_fields I'm wrong about this??? Thanks