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  1. Hi, as the title says i need abit of help modifying a custom osc template. The test site can be found here and the problem is i can't figure out how to display 3 items in a row (3 columns of items) instead of 2, the final design will be larger and i don't want to strecth 2 products on 800-900 pixels. Yes i am kinda new to OSC, roughly 1 month since i play around with it and about php ... i got no real clue more than understanding simple terms, no coding capabilities at all :s Now, i'm aware this kind of work usually is paid for but i'm just trying, if some1 figures it out fast and wants to help it would be really appreciated, if not ... at least i tried ;) From what i've researched :lol: i think the changes needed to be made are in these files: link to location product_listings.php and new_products.php If someone can help and needs further details i can make the whole template source available. That should be about it .... thanks in advance :)
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    Custom Template changes help

    found it finally :> have fun out there. [lock or delete thread plx]
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    [Contribution] STS v4

    Just wish to thank Chris and not only for the great contrib and great community here @ STS, btw works perfect now Chris (didn't work on MS2 and updated to RC1) thx for the help. Will prolly post questions later when i get in depth with STS :> keep it cool.
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    [Contribution] STS v4

    Hi, First i'd like to say this is my first time using osc and sts and also i'm no pro html/css/php user so ... maybe i did something wrong but i doubt. I installed osc with 2-3 contribs then i tested BTS ... didn't like the way it worked, too complicated for a newbie so i tried sts ... easy install, easy to work with it seems from what i read. The problem is i couldn't get it to work. Installed everything as it said in the text, got the module in admin interface but when i try to use it, i enable it and set it to use template:true and save changes but then it's still use template:false Since it's a test osc so far i tried reinstalling osc alltogether to install sts on a fresh install ... same issue. Any hint would be appreciated, and no i didn't read all the posts in this thread, i read about 20+ pages then did a search in the topic, didn't find anything relevant. Thx in advance :>