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  1. stunami

    SUPPORT : XML Export contribution

    Howdy, Thanks for posting this excellent utility. Out of interest, I would like to change the encoding to UTF8 but am struggling to ind where you set it to windows 1254. How is the xml encoding configured? Kind Regards, Stu
  2. stunami

    Product Listing in Columns v2.0

    Howdy : ) I am in the process of combining the index.php & product_info.php pages with the product listing appearing on the right, and the information from product_info.php appearing in an iframe on the left. With the products appearing in a grid of 3x3 on the right, I would like to be able to throw in an onmouseover event so that when a user mouses over an image on the right, the product_id variable is set correctly. In this contribution, the section I believe the onmouseover event needs to be set in starts roughly at Line 165: $lc_text = ' <a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO, ($cPath ? 'cPath=' . $cPath . '&' : '') . 'products_id=' . $listing[$x]['products_id']) . ">' . tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . $listing[$x]['products_image'], $listing[$x]['products_name'], SMALL_IMAGE_WIDTH, SMALL_IMAGE_HEIGHT) . '</a> '; } Any ideas of the syntax I should use? Regards, Stuart
  3. I was having issues with the Dangling Carrot add-on and the SPPC add-on working together in that I could not prevent Wholesalers (or any other group), from picking up the free gift. I think I have fixed it by playing around with the SPPC_Customer_Group_id. If you have these two contribs installed, try the following in \catalog\shopping_cart.php. Around the beginning of the file you'll see: //BOF //////////////////////// dangling carrot v2.0 ////////////////////////////////// if ($cart->count_contents() > 0){ // find any free gifts, and remove invalid ones $num_in_cart = $cart->show_total(); $products = $cart->get_products(); Change this to: //BOF //////////////////////// dangling carrot v2.0 ////////////////////////////////// if ($_SESSION['sppc_customer_group_id'] < '1') { // this is the variable you'll need to play with to make it work for you... if ($cart->count_contents() > 0){ // find any free gifts, and remove invalid ones $num_in_cart = $cart->show_total(); $products = $cart->get_products(); As a note, if you also have PWA installed this should also work as your 'guest' account will not have a group id. If you have two groups that you wish to be able to receive the gift, simply make sure that the 2nd group are have a group id of 1 and then change the new line to: if ($_SESSION['sppc_customer_group_id'] < '2') { Hope this helps. Cheers, stu
  4. stunami

    NewsDesk v1.48 Support

    Error 1054 - Unknown column 'p.newsdesk_id' in 'on clause' Howdy, if anyone is running MySQL 5.0+ and is receiving the error above when clicking on any items listed in the news categories box, download the replacement /catalog/newsdesk_index.php file here: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/934 cheers, stu
  5. stunami

    RSS News

    hey jack, i would like to move the contrib from the shop area to the admin area so i can monitor updates to oscommerce contribs each time i log into my shop. that being the case is it a simple case of moving the shop area files into the admin section or, off the top of your head, is there more to it than that? regards, stuart
  6. stunami

    Article Manager v1.0

    howdy, i've just installed article manager 1.5sp1, with the updates available up to nov 07, and all works fine except the x-sell page in the admin section. when i navigate to xsell, this is what appears on the page: ID Article Name Associated Products Cross-Sell Actions if (!$add_related_article_ID) if ($_POST && !$sort) { if ($_POST[run_update]==true) { $query ="DELETE FROM " . TABLE_ARTICLES_XSELL . " WHERE articles_id = '".$_POST[add_related_article_ID]."'"; if (!tep_db_query($query)) exit(TEXT_NO_DELETE); } if ($_POST[xsell_id]) foreach ($_POST[xsell_id] as $temp) { $query = "INSERT INTO " . TABLE_ARTICLES_XSELL . " VALUES ('',$_POST[add_related_article_ID],$temp,1)"; if (!tep_db_query($query)) exit(TEXT_NO_INSERT); } ?> The database has been updated. Click here to sort the products associated with this article. Note: this needs to be done every time a product is added or deleted. Click here to go back to the main page. the server is apache 2 with mysql5 and php5. any clues? regards, stuart
  7. Hey Rachael, I guess i better get working on it then : ) Will let you know what I come up with. Regards, Stuart
  8. Howdy : ) I'm having a slight issue aligning the columns once they're displayed - has this contribution been written for a 3 Column display? I am using latest OSC & Product Listing and have chosen to display 8 Columns. but the columns are not evenly spaced across the page. It appears that the first 3 columns are evenly spaced across 70% of the page, and the other 5 columns are evenly spaced across the remaining 30% of the page. Do you have any suggestions as to how I might resolve this? Regards, Stuart
  9. Hi Rachael, I love the contribution and am looking for a pointer for a modification I'd like to make. Under Catalogue, I have defined a Category 'Styles', with Subcategories A, B, C, D, E, F, G, ... each containing a product I'll call "Product" When I install the contribution (latest version from Aug 26), The list appears like this: Styles "Product" "Product" "Product" I would like to list them without the Category Header, and would like the Subcategory Header to separate each row so that they appear like this Subcategory A Product Subcategory B Product etc... Do you have any suggestions as to where I can get started? Regards, Stuart