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  1. chickenbox

    Credit Class & Gift Voucher Modification

    In case anyone was also interested in this, it is easy - within the files modules > order_total > ot_coupon.php and ot_gv.php you just have to comment out an if block with the process() function: // if ($od_amount > 0) { $this->output[] = array('title' => $this->title . ':', 'text' => '<b>' . $currencies->format($od_amount) . '</b>', 'value' => $sod_amount); // }
  2. chickenbox

    Urgent! Please help... disabling coupons

    You can fix this in the file add_ccgvdc_application_top.php within catalog/includes by configuring this part: // Below are some defines which affect the way the discount coupon/gift voucher system work // Be careful when editing them. // // Set the length of the redeem code, the longer the more secure define('SECURITY_CODE_LENGTH', '10'); // // The settings below determine whether a new customer receives an incentive when they first signup // // Set the amount of a Gift Voucher that the new signup will receive, set to 0 for none define('NEW_SIGNUP_GIFT_VOUCHER_AMOUNT', '0'); // // Set the coupon ID that will be sent by email to a new signup, if no id is set then no email :) define('NEW_SIGNUP_DISCOUNT_COUPON', '');
  3. Hello everyone, I'm new to osCommerce, and recently installed the Credit Class & Gift Voucher module - a client wants to be able to create a negative coupon that could be applied to add an additional charge to the order - for example, create a coupon 'call' that would be used when someone makes an order by phone - the person receiving the order would enter in the system on the website, make the order, and then enter the coupon 'call' to add a service charge. I see that the admin allows one to enter a coupon of negative value (-$5.00, for example), but then when redeemed in osCommerce, nothing shows up - I'm guessing that there is a small check in one of the files to make sure that the value isn't negative, I just don't know where it is (or if it's something more complex, well, I still don't know how to make the change). Hoping that the author or someone familiar with the module could advise where to make a change. Thanks a lot, Brian