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  1. Did you do the product_info.php steps?

    yes then I get an error message syntax error line 277 I did notice that I have a box that goes with the product called " other customers who bought this also bought and shows 6 photos here is the code:


    <td><?php echo tep_draw_separator('pixel_trans.gif', '100%', '10'); ?></td>





    if ((USE_CACHE == 'true') && empty($SID)) {

    echo tep_cache_also_purchased(3600);

    } else {




    it comes right after the matching products code could that be causing the problem?

    Thanks :)

  2. Hi I was amazed how easy the directions are for this contribution! Anyway the problem: admin the sku numbers pop up I add them but the products they do not show up in the catalog online here's a screen shot ascrn.jpg Everything seems fine but when the item is loaded there is no matching sku'S here is the link to see this is the product with the added skus: http://healingcrystals.net/store/product_i...;products_id=82

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,