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  1. inferno272

    which authorize.net module should i be using for CVV2?

    *crickets* does anyone know this?
  2. i currently use whatever the default authorize.net module that is already installed in my oscommerce (2.2 RC1). which module has the cvv2 installed? id really like to add this feature.
  3. i guess ill bump this one last time, in hopes that someone knows how to selectively turn this off for certain manufacturers.
  4. inferno272


    this is an exceptionally large thread, which is very difficult to read completely through, so i figure ill just ask my question. is there a way for customers to enter their own gift voucher amount? rather than having me create all these variations? like How much would you like your gift voucher to be? ***customer enters $20******* ***customer clicks buy now******** a voucher for that amount is created. is there a way to do this?
  5. im curious, im using the contrib, and it works just fine, however the issue i have is only a few products are to have this restriction on it, not them all. is there a way to selectively turn this on and off for different categories/manufacturers/individual products?