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  1. Flav

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    Do you have a demo of this that we can see. Thanks
  2. Flav

    Product upload almost ready:)

    Thankyou very much, both for your prompt response and the effort that you have put into this. In the 3 moths that I have been away from oscommerce I can honestly say that is has grown at a unprecidented rate. Keep it up everyone, you are all putting the paid commerce carts to shame.
  3. Flav

    Product upload almost ready:)

    You are the number 1 reason why I might dump my currect site and come back to Oscommerce. The main reason I dumped this project is because I have over 800 products and to edit them individually per page and not being able to upload in excell was too time consuming. However, you are a demi-god. I would love to be able to get this even in the form that it's in NOW, I can modify it to suit. If you are unable to release it to me in it's current form then how long before it's out. PS: The new layout is better then the old. Let there be light.