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  1. powerdrive

    Credit Card with CVV2 Version v2.2RC2a

    Rather than putting the CVV into the database and deleteing it afterwards, can it be sent in an encrypted email separate from the order email? Similar to how the card number is split.
  2. Can you give quantity to a combination of options? For example, say you sell t-shirts and there are options for colour and size. For a certain style you may have blue in stock and also large, but no large blue.
  3. powerdrive

    Named anchor tags don't work?

    Just installed and it changes the links as expected; <a href="[sp2link]#whatever">Link</a> does give longfile.php#whatever but then it says 'file not found' when clicked. I tried <p id="#whatever> and <a name="whatever">, am I doing it wrong?? Can anyone explain how to get it working on categories pages too? I looked through index.php but can't see what to change.
  4. powerdrive

    Options as images

    Great contribution. Is there a way to let customers select more than one option? In a way that they would go into the cart as multiple items, one for each option they selected? I'd very much appreciate any help, even if it's just to say it can't be done. Kind regards, Power Drive
  5. Just installed 2.24 it's brilliant; just what I was looking for. Is there away to... not sure how to describe it best, I'll use an example; You sell books and dvds. You have a drop-down box that has the values 'books' and 'dvds', once you select one then an 'author' field appears for books or a 'director' for dvd. 'Title' applies to both and would be visible prior to selecting books or dvds. I know it's not the best example because you would have text entry boxes for those fields and they probably wouldn't overlap, but I'm using numerical values that can overlap (voltage, current, etc.). Is it possible? While I'm here, and on numerical values, can you give specific values to products and have 'xx-yy' in the drop-down that selects every thing between xx and yy inclusive. Thanks in advance for any help -Power Drive
  6. The site that I am administering sells electronic devices and I want to add properties such as voltage, current and power to my products. I am trying to include a set of links on the product pages to allow customers to narrow down the search, similar to what you often find on computer selling sites, and if multiple properties are selected then it show products that contain that combination of properties. Is there a contribution available for this? I tried to do something myself but it's beyond my level of ability.
  7. Is there a way of making the discount show up in the cart? Any one know what code to insert into the shopping cart either above or below the subtotal? Thanks PDS
  8. powerdrive

    Quantity Discounts Contrib

    Feedback from customers is that they want to see the total (or atleast the discounted item price) before inputting card details. Fair enough really. Any solutions? I really need someones help, please.
  9. powerdrive

    Quantity Discounts Contrib

    I've installed Josh Dechant's Quantity Discounts contribution, and it does exactly what I was expecting and hoped for. How would I go about making the discount visible in the basket? I set it so every order of 1 or more items is discounted, i.e. every order is discounted. And I'm marketing it as an online discount, trying to get people to order online rather than phoning in orders - so we can see that the site works. Feedback I'm getting from my customers is that it's not adding on (subtracting) the discount. Now they don't seem to be getting to the checkout, just seeing the basket and that there is no discount, but it does get added on at the final stage but they aren't going that far because they don' believe there's a discount and that I'm lying to get customers. On my order conformation page the discount is just under the sub total, but I can't find the code for it, which I presume I can copy into my basket to make it visible there. Anybody know how to do that?
  10. powerdrive

    [Contribution] Optimize Categories Box

    Ah, I feel a little sheepish!
  11. powerdrive

    [Contribution] Optimize Categories Box

    As far as I was aware, this was working great. Now I've discovered a problem in the admin section. The following bit of code is giving me a bit of trouble. My categories/products page in catalogue isn't coming up at all, not even a header and the column, and I've traced it to this bit here, now I'm not sure what it's doing so I can't go about editing it as I've no idea what it does. // include CountProductsStore object for use on the admin side require_once(DIR_FS_CATALOG . DIR_WS_FUNCTIONS . 'cache.php'); require(DIR_FS_CATALOG. DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'CountProductsStore.php'); $countproducts = new CountProductsStore(); Line 34-37, 93-96, 147-150, 175-178, 199-202, 220-223, 290-293, 332-335 Any chance of someone telling me roughly what it does and perhaps point me in the direction of a solution. Cheers. EDIT: I think I've narrowed the suspects down to the last line of the above. I commented it out and the categories page comes up. Do the numbers correspond to lines in CountProductsStore.php and they need looking at, or do they correspond to something else like the categories page, which may be edited and the line numbers need changing to reflect the edits I've made? EDT2: The line numbers almost match up to if (USE_CACHE == 'true') ... code, as if they might have corresponded before I added the above code, can anyone confirm that they should match up, or am I clutching at straws?
  12. powerdrive

    [Contribution] Optimize Categories Box

    I pasted it all into dreamweaver with php tags around it and it was so much easier. Great contrib though, really reduces the load times.
  13. powerdrive

    [Contribution] Optimize Categories Box

    I'm not saying that I don't know how to edit PHP I just can't see in the instructions which bit is code and which bit is instructions. Some simple line breaks to seperate would mean that I don't have to ask stupid questions that make me look like a retard is all I'm saying. Sorry if I sound rude, I do appreciate your help.
  14. powerdrive

    [Contribution] Optimize Categories Box

    Can someone show me how admin/includes/functions/general.php is supposed to look, I'm having a tough time following the instructions. Or even if some one could just post saying what code goes where. Would be much appreciated, ta. PDS
  15. powerdrive

    [Contribution] SEO-G

    How important, in the context of this contrib, is the htaccess bit? I was struggling so I asked my administrator for a hand (it's ok he's a friend of ours) and he says that it's only used for password protecting. So what's up, do I need to do that bit or not?