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  1. sorry would not let me edit my own reply
  2. Is this contribution still valid and working? There are conflicting statements near the top on whether it works with MYSQL 5. I tried installing it and am not seeing that it is working. I wish to have a customer upload a photograph and then basically select a size to have it printed, or vice verse (select a size and then upload a photo). Anyway, I am not seeing success on my first attempt even though I believe I followed the directions. Is this a correct result on import of this file? MySQL returned an empty result set (i.e. zero rows). (Query took 0.0052 sec) SQL query: CREATE TABLE `files_uploaded` ( `files_uploaded_id` INT( 11 ) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT , `sesskey` VARCHAR( 32 ) , `customers_id` INT( 11 ) , `files_uploaded_name` VARCHAR( 64 ) NOT NULL , PRIMARY KEY ( `files_uploaded_id` ) ) COMMENT = 'Must always have either a sesskey or customers_id';