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    Boxtel or anybody, sorry if I missed this along the way, but does this mod allows having percentage discounts? I am not sure that I totally dig the "34:10:20:p". In this particular example situation, the total amount would be decreased by 200 (10 x 20). 20 is in the default currency right, and calculated in other currencies in parallel with item prices? What I basically need is a discount on the sum amount total in percent. For example: "Buy USD100 or more value of products from category 34 and we grant you 15% discount" which would come out as 100 - 15 = 85. Is it possible to use this contrib like this? Cheers
  2. Hello everybody. My first post :-) I have situation that I believe to be common thing on many shops. Plan is to sell products of few different manufacturers. One of the features is that customer will be granted discount (like 15% off) when order total is larger than amount defined in admin. But! At the same time, shop owner should be able to mark products will be included. For example, when user adds products of ABC manufacturers in the basket and exceeds defined discount limit he will be granted 15%. If he adds products of XYZ manufacturers no discount will be applied no matter order total amount. Also if ABC and XYZ products are combined, there won't be any discount... Any info on this would be appreciated. Thanx