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  1. pandrews

    Paypal Website Payments Standard

    anybody know a fix for this for those of us using Paypal Payments Standard?
  2. Nevermind my first questions, I realized they were indeed dumb questions. I think I've figured out my problem, except for the pop-up window being too small.. i'm still trying to figure that one out.
  3. When the pop-up opens after I click to view larger item, the pop-up is too small to show the left and right arrow at the bottom.. is there a way I can fix this? Sorry for asking so many questions.
  4. Surfalot, thanks for this contribution, it seems like exactly what I need. However, I am using the newest OSC version with only minor CSS changes -- I'm wondering if there are any code changes I should be worried about from 9/25/06 contribution files (general.php, categories.php, etc) -- or can I just replace the files with no worries? forgive me if this is a dumb question.
  5. i would but i have no idea what the fix was.. :( i just kept messing around with it until it worked, i think i re-installed the whole package several times..
  6. nevermind, i think im done.
  7. yes, that would certainly be nice.. i'll post my question again sometime after it gets lost, i dont believe anybody pays attention to it anyway.. ive already installed & unistalled & re-installed the whole OSCommerce package 3 or 4 times because of this contribution..
  8. i suppose any kind of support for this Contribution is dead?
  9. I just tried installing the OTF Thumbnailer, but I get the following error when I try to run the SQL file: can anyone help please?
  10. Hi, I've installed this contribution before, but I'm trying to put it on another site now and I'm having problems. When I try to run the "auto thumbnailer admin.SQL" file on my database, I get the following error: SQL query: # Create the config group to hold the settings on their own admin page INSERT INTO configuration_group SET configuration_group_id =100, configuration_group_title = 'Thumbnails', configuration_group_description = '\'On the Fly\' Auto Thumbnailer configuration settings', sort_order = '5', visible = "1" MySQL said: #1146 - Table 'db230589201.configuration_group' doesn't exist Can anybody help me figure out what I need to do to correct this? Any help is appreciated!
  11. i guess my question didnt make sense?
  12. I'm using OSC v2.2 rc1, but I'm still very ignorant about a lot of the features, etc.. basically what I would like to do is set 2 flat-rate shipping charges, one for the United States, and another for other countries. I would like to have my store charge $3.50 for US Shipping, and $9.00 for USPS Global Priority to other countries. I currently have the "First Item Plus Additional Items" contribution/module installed, which is set up to charge the $3.50 + 50 cents each additional item. I would like to keep using the 50 cents per additional item charge even for other countries. I hope this post makes sense, like I said I'm still a newbie. In simpler terms, I like my setup now ($3.50+50 cents per) but only for orders within my own country. So how can I add the option for other countries to be $9.00+50 cents per, without messing up my current setup?
  13. sorry i think i posted this in the wrong forum.. answers still appreciated though :)
  14. It seems like the thumbnail images in my store load really slow. I know they are huge files, because my scanner automatically outputs them big. They actually come out bigger than the pop-up window when someone clicks to enlarge. I like really large, close-up scans though.
  15. i saw the contribution to remove category images from the top-right corner near the infoboxes, but what is the easiest way to remove sub-category images? ideally, i would like there to be just links to the categories, without images.