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    [Contribution] Discount Coupon Codes

    Simple replace and my problems are history!!! Way to go Agra!!!! Thanks again!!!! :lol:
  2. WootCartoons

    [Contribution] Discount Coupon Codes

    Has anyone else ever experienced this problem??? Thanks!!!
  3. WootCartoons

    [Contribution] Discount Coupon Codes

    alright, i'm not sure what i have wrong here.... i've been trying different things and it's just not working the way it should.... I have installed the contribution and all is great. In the admin area, I set up the coupon module and then created a coupon. When I log into my account, and make an order using that code, it doesn't display on the confirmation page. I have double checked the coding per the installation and all appears to be correct. When I set it up, this is the sort order that I gave everything: 2 - discount coupon 6 - shipping 3 - subtotal 4 - tax 99 - total 5 - members discount Then, just to see what would happen, I changed the sort order to this, switching the discount coupon and the subtotal: 3 - discount coupon 6 - shipping 2 - subtotal 4 - tax 99 - total 5 - members discount Then the coupon discount showed up fine, except that they are out of order and a bit confusing to customers. So I played with them for quite some time trying to get it to appear right. This order would be fine if the subtotal would then NOT reflect the discount coupon. I set that in the module, but it didn't work. It then still showed the discount, and applied it AGAIN after the subtotal. So then the discount was applied twice to the order. So I changed that back to reflect the coupon discount. Then eventually I tried changing it back to the original sort order that I wanted, and all was GREAT!!! So just to make sure, I logged out, signed in again, created a new order to test it, and it's gone again. Now when I change things around again, nothing is happening. Please if someone could help me figure out what I have or haven't done yet, that would be great!! My site is www.wootcartoons.com, if you would like to make an account and a test order to see. The coupon code I created is JENNY which should reflect a $20 discount. The site is live, but noone else has that code. It is only for test purposes. I will not treat the order as a real order and it will be deleted if you hapen to follow all of the way through. Thanks so much for any help in advance!!! THANKS!!!!
  4. The nicest helper in the world!! :) Thanks for all of your help!

  5. WootCartoons

    Error after installing Customer Discount

    anyone know how this problem can be fixed?
  6. WootCartoons

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    I am also getting this email from stemming from that order: (I have taken out the personal info for protection) PayPal IPN Invalid Process $_POST: mc_gross=0.01 invoice=5 address_status=confirmed payer_id=******** tax=0.00 address_street=******** payment_date=16:56:09 Aug 26, 2007 PDT payment_status=Completed charset=windows-1252 address_zip=***** first_name=***** mc_fee=0.01 address_country_code=US address_name=***** ***** notify_version=2.4 custom=5 payer_status=verified business=*******@hotmail.com address_country=United States address_city=***** quantity=1 verify_sign=************************************ payer_email=********@hotmail.com txn_id=*********** payment_type=instant last_name=****** address_state=OH receiver_email=********@hotmail.com payment_fee=0.01 receiver_id=********** txn_type=web_accept item_name=WootCartoons mc_currency=USD item_number= residence_country=US payment_gross=0.01 shipping=0.00 $_GET:
  7. WootCartoons

    Testing PayPal / Sandbox

    ahh, alright. well it's good to know that it doesn't sound like im doing something wrong then. Nowhere does it really describe how to go about making the test orders, so i thought i was doing something wrong. well i guess until then, its one penny test orders for me!! lol
  8. WootCartoons

    Testing PayPal / Sandbox

    i keep getting this message: Your sign in information is not valid. Please try again. I don't know that I am doing this right. I have a personal test account set up and verified. How is it that I go about using it? Should I make a new account on my site with that info, or can I use my regular account and just use that at the sign in page on PayPal. I'm not exactly familiar with it, and can't find the info I am looking for about it. thanks!
  9. WootCartoons

    Missing Order - Paypal

    my problem with this contribution is that it is not updating once they do pay. still shows that it's preparing (paypal ipn) Any ideas? Also, this contribution only works for the credit/debit card per paypal, but not for orders made from the option that says only "PayPal". Should I take this one off, is it that the contribution replaces the Paypal option altogether. Or how can I get it to control and do the same for the PayPal option? Here is a pic of the order section. The order has been successfully paid for, but doesn't show it in my admin section in the order details:
  10. WootCartoons

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    hello. i have just installed the PayPal IPN contribution (i believe i did it all correctly) I have someone making test orders for me, and when she did the test order, the premature order showed up in my admin section before she was finished as it was supposed to. The problem now is that once she paid it still shows the invalid process symbol in the status. But I received the payment just fine. Is there something that i did wrong or does it just take time to catch up?? thanks for any help in advance!!