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  1. rescuestat

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Thanks toyicebear, Took a look at my .htaccess and found a section out of place. Works perfect now.
  2. rescuestat

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    Hello All, I'm migrating our website to a new server and not sure if I have problem or not so any insight would be much appreciated. The site has been copied to the new server and we're in testing right now before the final DB move and DNS updating. The problem is the search engine friendly links are not working when the website's HTTP_SERVER is set to the IP address. If I turn off the Ultimate SEO and use the standard osC links the site works fine. My assumption is the SEO links will not work until DNS propagation has occured and the website is accessible by it's domain name. But, I don't want to be changing the DNS if there could be a potential problem, especially if all our search results suddenly become unreachable. Just want to know if my assumption is correct or do I need to do some more digging before finalizing the move. Thanks for any info, Frank
  3. Hi Matt,

    Sorry, it took so long-opening a store in 2 weeks(lots to do). In image.php, change the $image_dir to blank, nothing between the single quotes. This may resolve your problem. If you have any problems, feel free to contact me, I'll check back when I can. Good luck.

    1. matta


      Hi Frank, I know this is ancient history, but I'm only now getting back to the project I started in the spring. Thanks for the tip about removing the directory name, that solved the issue of "No Image Found."


      Another question for you: In OSC 2.3.1 I was hoping that the Dynamic Image Resizer would serve thumbnail size images in products_info page as well. It does appear to cut their file size in half, but even what appears as a thumbnail is being served at full pixel...

  4. Hi Frank,

    Question for you about Dynamic Image Resizer. Does it work with 2.3.1? I made the changes, but it displays the "No Image Found" graphic for all the items. But when I click on a thumbnail to bring up the larger image it displays it fine (odd). Wondering if you had any insight.



  5. Hello

    Thank you for your recent add on Dynamic Image Resizer

    I am getting errors wondering if you would be kind enough advise.

    Kind Regards

  6. rescuestat

    Authorize Just Stopped Working

    Glen, Had this happen once while I was with Auth.net- (I have since changed to another processor). But, check with your host, make sure that they have not made any changes or upgrades to the PHP/Apache version on your server. After my host did a seemingly very minor change in a security setting on my server, Auth.Net stopped working. Not sure who your host is, but make sure you talk to someone who REALLY knows what's going on. It wasn't until I talked to the 5th or 6th person that we were able to figure out what happened. Frank
  7. rescuestat

    Change Header for PWA, anyone?

    What PHP IF statement does that belong to? It appears to be an extra closing bracket. If you know for sure that it is supposed to be there start looking between the IF statement and the closing bracket for another closing bracket that ends the IF statement prematurely. If not, try removing it and see if you still get the error. Frank
  8. rescuestat

    Change Header for PWA, anyone?

    Hello, If you can put the new version up on the net, maybe just call it something like http://www.doxa-adv.com/create_account_new.php so I can see the new code without forcing new customers to see it I may be able to locate the problem for you. Frank
  9. rescuestat

    Change Header for PWA, anyone?

    Hello, I hadn't noticed it before, but the orginal code you posted is suburb-> post code-> city-> state-> country. The code you just now posted(what you said is the original code that works) is suburb-> city-> country -> state -> post code which matches the picture link you had originally posted(of the code you said has the extra characters). Which code is which? Can you send a link to this page that shows what you are talking about or is this on a testing server? Frank
  10. rescuestat

    Change Header for PWA, anyone?

    Hello, As Mulitmixer said, first change in the create_account.php from HEADING_TITLE_PWA to HEADER_TITLE_PWA <-this is what you have define'd in your english.php. Next find: <!-- PWA BOF --> <td width="100%" valign="top" style="padding:260px 0px 0px 0px " > ><?php echo tep_draw_form('create_account', tep_href_link(FILENAME_CREATE_ACCOUNT, (isset($HTTP_GET_VARS['guest'])? 'guest=guest':''), 'SSL'), 'post', 'onsubmit="return check_form(create_account);"') . tep_draw_hidden_field('action', 'process'); ?><table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <!-- PWA EOF --> You have two '>''s in front of your echo_tep_draw_form('create_account'.... delete the second > As for the } ?> appearing between 'Your Address' and 'Street Address:', you've got me stumped. Looking at the source code for create_account.php there is nothing there that would print those characters. I don't know if seeing the parsed code for the page would help or not. Best of luck, Frank
  11. rescuestat

    Change Header for PWA, anyone?

    Hello, Post your code for that page, it's a PHP coding issue. the first '>' towards the top of the page appears to be a PHP closing prompt that's probably missing the ? before it. The Second } ?> appears to be the ending of a PHP If statement, perhaps the PHP section was prematurely ended. This may also be the culprit as to why your HEADING_TITLE_PWA isn't displaying correctly. Frank
  12. rescuestat

    Any contribution for discontinued products?

    What we've done for discontinued items that have been replaced with a new item is to updated the old items description with "Discontinued" and place a link in the description to the new item, and change stock to 0 so it can't be ordered. After a few months what we do then is place the product in the "root catalog" and make it inactive. We don't delete because this could really mess up previous orders with suddenly the product just disappears. JUST A THOUGHT...If it's a VERY popular item that you think would really hurt if customers can't link to if and they would become upset by getting the "Product Not Found" message, why not update your .htaccess with the old product link and redirect to the new product link....like I said just a thought. Frank
  13. rescuestat

    yearly expenses error message

    Hello, Check you yearly_expenses.php file, make sure there are no characters(including spaces, blank lines, etc.) before the opening <?php commnad. This is a normal culprit for these errors. Frank
  14. rescuestat

    Problem with Customer Testimonial

    FIRST...backup whatever file you are changing.......ALWAYS.. Not familiar with the contrib personally, however since they used the constant DIR_WS_BOXES they(hopefully) followed normal osCommerce standard and this is normal box. The above code would be placed in your /includes/column_left.php or /includes/column_right.php, whichever side you want it to be shown in. You can vary it's postition upwards or downwards in the column by where you place the code. If you put it before the ending ?> it will on the very bottom or you can place it between whatever include's or require's are in the file. Just be careful that you don't place inside any IF statements, or if you do that you understand what the IF statement is doing. Hope this helps, Frank
  15. rescuestat

    Trying to find a Addon

    Don't worry it's a learning curve thing....we've all asked or thought those same questions. Welcome aboard.