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  1. Hi all, Having a problem with this module. I have set the first zone to GB with specific prices, second zone to US, and third zone empty. US shipping picks up the correct prices but UK customers it uses the undefined third option which should be for all other areas. Any suggestions please? Thanks.
  2. martlewis

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    On my site I need to only ever take payments of 10% of the order total. Is there a way to mod the paypal_ipn so that the total is 10% of the full amount? If someone can point me to the right code then it can be coded in, never need to take a full payment. Please, if anyone can help this is really important. Alternatively is there a deposit module or order total module that works with paypal? Many many thanks, Martin
  3. I thought QTPro wasgoing to solve allmy problems but so far its just driving me nuts... It seems to work if I use 2 lots of attributes, eg a customer chooses a bed size and then chooses a storage option relevant to that bed size. Problem is I then need a third option to choose a mattress type relevant to the bed size and storage option. Whn I add the third attribute they can still select a bed size but then the other 2 attributes aren't populated once a size is chosen. Please can anyone help with this. Thanks
  4. Sorry if this is a repeatedpost but I can't find the answer... I have QTPro 4.3 installed and working ok but, If I don't enter a quantity for every possible attribute combination, even if the quantity is 0, then everything shows out of stock and I get page error when using a sequential dropdown. I have a 3 tier attributes and that means I would have to enter nearly 900 stocklines for every product we sell, with about 880 of them just with 0 stock. Is there anything I can do so QTPro assumes stock is 0 if it can't find a stock entry for a particular attribute? Please if anyone can help, the store is due to go live on 15th September!!! Thanks, Martin
  5. martlewis

    Deposit payment by paypal

    Hi all, Am having a few problems with payments. One feature of my shop is that I want people to be able to select a deposit at checkout. What I would like is the order total page to have a payment option of Deposit. If a customer selectsdeposit instead of paypal or cheque, then they have to pay a fixed percentage of the total by paypal and delivery method needs to only allow collection from store. Is this possible/ I've seen a contribution that allows deposit paymnt but not via paypal an it seems to still let customer choose postal delivery! Many thanks.