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  1. bpopelar

    Payment Type Charge

    That might be true...guess I better go read the fine print. Ben
  2. bpopelar

    Payment Type Charge

    I had the same problem a few of the poster described above. Basically, everything looks correct on the confirmation page (i.e, the surcharge is displayed and include in the Total), but when the transaction is performed, the amount charged to the customer's credit card does not include the surcharge. I am using Link Point as the credit card service (not Paypal), but the result was the same. After digging around in the code, I discovered that in my version of checkout_process.php, the order_total.php module was included, instantiated and called after the credit card transaction was conducted. This logic needs to occur before the credit card transaction as it modifies the order['total'] value which is what the payment processing modules uses as the basis of the transaction. The solution was to re-order the logic in checkout_process.php (near line 47): Before: require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'order.php'); $order = new order; // load the before_process function from the payment modules $payment_modules->before_process(); require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'order_total.php'); $order_total_modules = new order_total; $order_totals = $order_total_modules->process(); After: require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'order.php'); $order = new order; require(DIR_WS_CLASSES . 'order_total.php'); $order_total_modules = new order_total; $order_totals = $order_total_modules->process(); // load the before_process function from the payment modules $payment_modules->before_process(); Now having described all of this, I'm not sure this isn't something unique to my modified shop. I'm also not sure what effect this might have on other Order Total modules, but it fixed my problem. Ben
  3. bpopelar

    Usps Module!..Help

    Look here for part of the solution Ben
  4. bpopelar

    Paypal and Godaddy.com with Website Payments Pro

    Look at this posting. Ben
  5. Julie, Which of the shipping modules do you want to use / try to get working? USPS? UPS? Fedex? Is your shop focused solely on domestic business or do you need to handle international shipping? I think you are currently asking about the standard USPS shipping module working. The standard USPS shipping module only handles the following domestic services: First Class Express Mail Priority Mail Parcel Post It can handle more, it is easy enough to change. It also handles international services, but I don't know the list off the top of my head. For those to work correctly, you need to patch the code (USPS changed the Service names back in Nov 2007...). You might be better to load the USPS Methods shipping contribution if you want more options for your customers. I haven't used that contribution (yet), so I can't tell you too much about it. I know it is well liked / recommend by a few of the frequent posters to the forum and it is actively supported. Which way would you like to jump? Ben
  6. How lost are you? Tell me what you have done so far. Which shipping module are you trying to set up? Ben
  7. Emma, The username is a machine generated name provided by USPS (along with a password) when you sign up for an account with them. It is not an email address. You will need to register for an account with USPS at http://www.uspsprioritymail.com/et_regcert.html if you haven't done so already. Ben
  8. Lewis, The sender's (store's) zip code parameter is defined in: admin -> Configuration -> Shipping/Packaging Define all the parameters in that section and you should be fine. Ben
  9. bpopelar

    USPS module

    It didn't take them long to switch me over (a few hours as I recalll). You will be able to test to your heart's content on the production server. Ben
  10. bpopelar

    USPS module

    You always get an error when running against the USPS test server. The test server sends out a canned response instead of processing the request submitted by osCommerce. Send an email to USPS requesting your account be switch to the production server. Make sure you mention in your email that your website is based on osCommerce and you are using the built in USPS shipping module. Ben
  11. bpopelar

    USPS module

    Are you referring to the standard USPS shipping module built into osCommerce or a contribution you installed? If you are talking about an installed contribution, which one? The standard module does work with a USPS account switched to the production server. Make sure you mention that you are using the osCommerce package in your email request to USPS, otherwise they will not switch your account until they see some successful transaction traffic. The standard module does need a minor patch to account for a recent change to the USPS server. Look here for the domestic service patch and here for the international service patch. Ben
  12. bpopelar

    Need help with USPS

    I had the same problem with the domestic side of USPS shipping. Look here for my solution. I suspect you will need to make the same change of Service names from mixed-case to upper-case. The international shipping services are defined right below the domestic services (near line 51). Ben
  13. I found the problem with my site. I'm not quite certain when this started and I haven't found any posting here on the forum documenting my solution. The USPS server now returns the Service name in all upper case letters (i.e., it returns "EXPRESS" instead of "Express") for a domestic (USA) query. The standard osCommerce USPS shipping module defines the Service name as a mixed case string. This results in the customer being billed the price of the first item in the USPS list instead of the user selected item in the USPS list. The solution is quite simple. In the includes/modules/shipping/usps.php file near line 46 replace: $this->types = array('Express' => 'Express Mail', 'First Class' => 'First-Class Mail', 'Priority' => 'Priority Mail', 'Parcel' => 'Parcel Post'); with: $this->types = array('EXPRESS' => 'Express Mail', 'FIRST CLASS' => 'First-Class Mail', 'PRIORITY' => 'Priority Mail', 'PARCEL' => 'Parcel Post'); Ben
  14. Hi Suzi, I'm not seeing your problem, but I am seeing a problem with my website. I assume you are seeing the problem when checkout_shipping.php is attempting to display the available shipping costs for objects in the cart. On my website, I get a list of available options / costs, but regardless of which option the customer selects, they are always billed for the cost of the first item in the USPS list. I'm going to look into my problem, but this isn't going to help you. To figure out what your problem is, you will need to dump the contents of the USPS response to your query. In the includes/modules/shipping/usps.php file find the following code near line 223: $http = new httpClient(); if ($http->Connect($usps_server, 80)) { $http->addHeader('Host', $usps_server); $http->addHeader('User-Agent', 'osCommerce'); $http->addHeader('Connection', 'Close'); if ($http->Get('/' . $api_dll . '?' . $request)) $body = $http->getBody(); $http->Disconnect(); } else { return false; } Right after this code, add the following line to print out the USPS response to the browser window: var_dump(htmlspecialchars($body, ENT_QUOTES)); You'll want to make this mode on a development / test server if you have one. Otherwise, the customers who happen to be using the live site will see the debug output also. Post the output that appears at the top of the browser here and we can start figure out what is going wrong. Ben
  15. bpopelar

    USPS Shipping Module Problem

    Send an email to USPS and request your account to be switched to the live server (see my post earlier in this topic). Configure the osCommerce USPS shipping module to use the production server instead of the testing server. Ben