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  1. eppie13

    Export orders into csv

    I would like to put the invoice number also in the csv file. I put this: $csv_output .= $Num_invoice . "," ; in the CSV settings but I think I also have to make a query? Can you help me out? Kind regards, Esther
  2. eppie13

    Wishlist 2.0 Support Thread

    I tried to install this contri but can't get it to work. I checked the install information over and over again but it doensn't seem like I made a mistake. When I try to put something on the wishlist( by clicking the add button), it goes to the wishlist and it doesn't show a product. It seems like the product isn't written to the database. I checked the database but the table wishlist and wishlist attributes are there. The only thing that looked strange to me is that the table wishlist didn't have a index defined. Is that good or can that be the problem? Hope someone can help me out. Kind regards, Eppie