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    Hi Alex You need to adapt those lines to your situation. If you have no idea, then ask your webhosting company for your full path. Or you can check it via your Administration - Backup in the middle just below your backup files there is a little line stating the location of your backup folder. You can use this info to set up the full path for FCK Editor. Hope this helps. Best regards Richard
  2. Richard1969


    Hello All, I've just finished installing the latest version of FCK editor 2.6.3 + Spooks install version 2.7. The editor works fine in Descriptions, Email and Newsletter manager. Also after installing Spooks Mod for sending HTML Email the images are displayed perfectly in an HTML email created via the admin. But, when i make an newsletter with the FCK editor and send it out then the images are not displayed? When i look into the source of the message the images source only holds the folder and file info but not the full path including domainname. Is there a way to get this fixed? Many thanks in advance, Richard
  3. Richard1969

    Information Pages Unlimited v1.0

    I've been struggling with the same error for a few days. In the 2.05 version Lildog has added "the standard osc update successful message with green bar at top of page instead of in the page heading". This is where things start going wrong, by replacing the Information_manager.php version 2.05 with the file Information_manager.php from version 2.047 the problem is solved (in my case) the only thing you're missing is the standard Osc message at the top of your page. Hope this helps for you Best regards Richard