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  1. Hmm, which shipping module are you using? What you want involves the following steps: (1) Adding new field to the products in the database (minimum shipping price) (2) Modifying catalog.php to show the field so that you can change it (also recommend using multiple products update mod) (3) Modifying your shipping module to check minimum shipping price for each product in the cart
  2. natrium42

    Enable shipping method only when

    Well, you could loop through all products in cart and check each one's weight against your cutoff. The cart class is defined in includes/classes/shopping_cart.php For example, you could get an array of all the products in the shopping cart using the $cart->get_products() function (see the above mentioned class). Then just loop through the array like this: $products_array = $cart->get_products(); foreach($products_array as $product) { // now you can use $product variable to get info about current product if($product['weight'] >= 31.5) { $this->enabled = false; break; // break out of the foreach loop (no reason to keep looping once condition met) } }
  3. natrium42

    Canada Post Shipping Module 4.0 versus v1.1

    Sometimes I think that it would have been best to keep those modules separate. That way they could each be updated in their own right. IMO they are sufficiently different as far as implementation/functionality is concerned. It's always best to keep the modules as small as possible for more flexibility. What do you think?
  4. Step 2 is logging in. Please make sure that your login info is correct in the configuration of the module. Check that you can actually login with it on Canada Post site.
  5. natrium42

    Canadapost error

    Step 2 is where you are logged in. Make sure you put the correct user details at the top of ship_canadapost.php. If that doesn't help, you can set $debug = 1; at the top. This will dump all the data returned from Canada Post when you ship.
  6. natrium42

    Canada Post Module - Can You Exclude Services?

    You can remove some services completely here: http://sellonline.canadapost.ca/servlet/Lo...vlet?Language=0 For example, remove international surface packages. If you want to be more flexible, though, you need to change the code to do what you want. It's only a few lines, if you do it "hackishly".
  7. natrium42

    Canadapost error

    Wait, you actually have "line 39" and "line 40" in the code itself?!
  8. natrium42

    Canada Post

    @pmakulski: Now this report is actually useful. Please try logging in to http://sellonline.canadapost.ca/servlet/Lo...vlet?Language=0 to change the default box that Canada Post uses to calculate a rate for you. I would set their box weight to as close to zero as possible, so that the osC tare weight is used instead. Hope this helps :) It's probably XML. You can view source of the page to see the full syntax or use htmlspecialchars() function before printing.
  9. It would be nice if eShipper provided the transit time for each shipping method (the one in the XML looks wrong). I had to do a hack to use the UPSXML class (from the UPS contribution) to request transit times from UPS directly and insert them into rates returned by eShipper...
  10. natrium42

    Canada Post

    Look the code where the weight is calculated, add print() statements and make sure that everything is correct at every step. Canada Post needs the weight in kg, so make sure that's the case in the code as well as your database. I recommend hiring a PHP dev, if you don't know programming -- osCommerce requires programming knowledge. Then you would also get instant replies to your questions...
  11. natrium42

    Individual Product Order Total Fee_1

    Oh, you have an extra "p." there, it should be just "p.products_ins_price" The relevant part of the SELECT statement is "from products p". Basically, "p" is an alias to the table "products" so that it's necessary to write it out each time.
  12. Well, you can either turn off PHP safe_mode or you can follow the links "manually" if you change the code to do so when a redirection is detected.
  13. natrium42

    Individual Product Order Total Fee_1

    This error says what the problem is: there is no column products_ins_price in your products table.
  14. Cool, should add it to the next version of Automated Labels. As for server taking too long for the quotes, it's really the fault of Canada Post. I should really make a mod to do caching since I get hit by this problem from time to time. But it will probably be very customized to my own store, so not sure if I will be able to release it.
  15. natrium42

    Custom Module Development

    I haven't seen any guides. You should just read the source code of similar modules and of osCommerce itself and use it as a starting point. As programmers say, source code is the best documentation. Good luck.
  16. Is this for shipping choices at checkout? It seems to work for me at the moment. Sometimes Canada Post servers go down briefly in my experience... The best solution would be to add some form of formula or price caching to handle this situation.
  17. What did not work? Sorry, but we are not omniscient, you need to tell us exactly what error you are getting. Nobody here is paid to support your problems, please try to be less annoying. Multiple question marks and whining are frowned upon. If you cannot ask questions properly, you should hire a professional coder to fix your problems.
  18. Yes, you should remove it. The error message told you where the problem was, all you had to do was fixing the syntax. I recommend reading a PHP and an SQL manual.
  19. "from, cp_tracking" why is there a comma here? You should pay closer attention to the code :P
  20. Sorry, it's hard to help you since you don't provide any information. Does phpinfo() show that cURL is enabled? What's the source of the blank page?
  21. natrium42

    Purolator (Canada) module?

    The Canada Post module includes Purolator. However, I am not sure what is going to happen now that Canada Post switched to partnership with FedEx...
  22. If you use dedicated hosting, you can install it yourself. As for shared, I only tested it with HostMonster (USA).
  23. natrium42

    cURL error

    I don't think you can do it in cPanel. You should use WebHost Manager (WHM), since you said that you have a virtual server... In WHM you can recompile Apache with cURL.
  24. As far as I can see, insani hasn't added shipping with Canada Post contracts yet. But it requires very minor modifications, just check the ship_canadapost.php file of the original contribution and look for all blocks of code containing "$cp_contract".
  25. Sure, that's also OK. VentureOne is just the minimum that you should have. Also, I am not sure whether insani has added it, but it's also possible to pay via account (instead of credit card) if you have that set up with Canada Post.