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  1. TBK3

    Some order not getting passed through

    Should this be the URL to the confirmation page in the cart?
  2. TBK3

    How are you testing your shipping module? I am not seeing any buttons, etc. to go out to the USPS site.

  3. TBK3

    Building my own template

    The reference is for 2.2; do you have anything for 3.0? I had a nicely customized 2.2 but am having difficulty replicating in 3.0. Thanks,
  4. Antago, How would one move all of the boxed content from the left column and add it to the right?
  5. TBK3

    USPS Shipping Module Error

    Okay, I loaded my old settings into the new setup page but am not seeing any buttons or hypertext to test this, let alone generate labels. Can someone point me to the right place? Thanks
  6. Anyone know where to find the shipping information in the um, old cart? I archived off copies of the files and entries in the table, but they (obviously) don't work any longer on the web.
  7. TBK3

    Need help installing paypal no IPN

    Satish, This will work for v.3, too? If so it would be great news!
  8. Chris, Is this compatible for v.3? I really don't want to get locked into the monthly fees for the IPN; Standard is working just fine for me. Thanks, Tom
  9. I had a fairly cart that blended with the rest of my site. Unfortunately, I don't see any of the customization documentation in 3.0 that was available for 2.2, so I am having a hard time migrating all of the edits I had made to my old site. It appears that I have to edit the templates rather than the top, bottom, main pages, etc. Can anyone point me in the right direction, please? Also, the install package from OSC didn't even have all of the icons bundled with it; any idea where I can download these? I don't like all of the broke links. Thanks,
  10. TBK3

    USPS Labels not working

    Where do I make these changes???
  11. TBK3

    USPS Labels not working

    So, are we good to go tonight?
  12. TBK3

    USPS shipping not working

    Kinquchi, It is possible. I had to do this on my own install. Unfortunately, it was one of those bleary-eyed coding sessions, so can't quite remember what I did. I believe that it was in the includes/languages/english/shippping folder. Look for the entry whose name matches the contribution. Then, carefully hunt through the code and change one thing at a time (making careful notes of what was changed) and toggle back and forth between the code view and the live page results. That's how I did it.
  13. TBK3

    USPS shipping not working

    I have it working - Domestically. Even though I have specified shipping methods for international shipping, when I leave my site and hit the USPS site it tries to conform the address to US standards, which doesn't work. Any ideas? or do I need a separate contribution?
  14. TBK3

    USPS shipping not working

    I got mine working on the first pass - all right first pass and a half. What I can't figure out is it starts out with a three-pound package and then adds the weight of my items to it. A bit expensive for my customers! Any ideas? I only offer Priority and Express mail (they give free packaging).
  15. TBK3

    EProcessing Network

    Hey, just got it up and running!