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  1. dhenderson

    1146 - Table doesn't exist ?

    Thank you, that fixed the problem of getting the error. Unfortunately, it seems I have another issue. The contribution doesn't seem to work. Once I got everything setup, I loaded my substore site and it looks EXACTLY like my main store, even though I told it to only show 1 category, it still shows them all:( Anyone ever use this ministore v1.1 contrib and get it to work properly?
  2. I tried installing the mini-stores contribution, but when I try going to one of the mini stores I made, I get the error below. I checked the dishjoc_dishjockey database and there is a table called categories_stores, so I don't why is says it doesn't exist. Anyone know where I went wrong? 1146 - Table 'dishjoc_dishjockey.TABLE_CATEGORIES_STORES' doesn't exist select distinct p.products_id, p.products_image, p.products_tax_class_id, p.products_price from products p, products_to_categories p2c, categories c, TABLE_CATEGORIES_STORES cs where p.products_status=1 and p.products_id = p2c.products_id and c.categories_id = p2c.categories_id and c.categories_status=1 and c.categories_id = cs.categories_id and cs.categories_storename = 'f2atv.dishjockey.com' order by p.products_date_added desc limit 2 Thank you in advance for any advice you can offer! David Henderson
  3. dhenderson

    UPS, USPS Puerto rico

    I am trying this hack, but I am getting an error on the USPS quote still. The only part of the instructions that I am confused with is the second part of the usps modification. then do a search for ($order->delivery['country']['id'] == SHIPPING_ORIGIN_COUNTRY) and replace that code with (($order->delivery['country']['id'] == SHIPPING_ORIGIN_COUNTRY) || ($order->delivery['country']['id'] == '172')) I have ($order->delivery['country']['id'] == SHIPPING_ORIGIN_COUNTRY) on lines 193 and 306. Am I supposed to change both or just one of them, if one...which one? Thank you, David Henderson
  4. I'm having the same problem. If my customers select Puerto Rico or Virgin Islands (US) or a few others as the country, they get a UPS quote, but USPS errors out. If They select United States as the Country and put PR in the State then UPS errors out and USPS gives a quote. Has anyone figured out a way to Get both UPS and USPS to give quotes for these US territories? Right now I am looking at the code in the USPS files and seeing if there is some way for me to change it so that when Puerto Rico is selected then USPS thinks United States is selected. Not sure if it's possible, so if anyone has a solution to this problem I am all Ears! Thank you, David Henderson
  5. dhenderson

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    I did you first suggestion yesterday already after finding a post talking about using tax zones as zones. So I suppose that will work for now until I can find a better way of doing it. I would feel more comfortable doing it in the code you show here. Thank you:)
  6. dhenderson

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    Is there anyway to take a country out of upsxml? I don't want to offer UPS shipping to customers from Canada. Any ideas on how I could accomplish this? Thanks, David Henderson
  7. I am looking to disable the UPS shipping option for orders, if the customer is ordering from Canada. It has been causing many problems because the quote is sometimes less than the USPS quote, but UPS doesn't tellt hem that there is a brokerage fee which is additionally charged based on the value of the item. So in the end, it costs more to ship that way, but the costumer isn't made aware of that until the product gets to their door. So they sometimes end up not accepting the item and we get charged shipping both ways. So does anyone know how I can disable the UPS shipping options if the customer is ordering from Canada? Thank you, David Henderson
  8. dhenderson

    Batch Update Status Support

    Ok, I wasn't quite right about that. It seems that if I check from the top order down, selecting multiple orders to update the status on, then the change tries to use oder_id 0, which causes nothing to actually update. However, if I check from the bottom up, then it uses the first order I checked as the order_id for all of the orders that I am trying to update. When that happens, I end up with one order with multiple status changes of the same type in it. Does anyone know what could be wrong in the code to cause this and what I can modify to fix it? Please?:) Thanks, David Henderson
  9. dhenderson

    Batch Update Status Support

    I think I've found the problem, just not sure of the solution yet. Basically after looking at my orders_status_history table in my database, I noticed that the first order has an orders_id, but all of the others that were checked have an orders_id of 0, here is a copy paste of the table I'm looking at. So basically, for some reason it is not grabbing the oder id of the multiple orders that I am trying to update. How can I get it to use the order id's of the multiple orders I check mark to update? 12014 3973 3 2007-08-23 17:07:18 1 Edit Delete 12015 0 3 2007-08-23 17:13:05 1 Batch status update Edit Delete 12016 0 3 2007-08-23 17:16:59 1 Batch status update Edit Delete 12017 0 3 2007-08-23 17:17:00 1 Batch status update Edit Delete 12018 0 3 2007-08-23 17:17:00 1 Batch status update Edit Delete 12019 0 3 2007-08-23 17:17:00 1 Batch status update Edit Delete 12020 0 3 2007-08-23 17:17:00 1 Batch status update Edit Delete 12021 0 3 2007-08-23 17:17:00 1 Batch status update Edit Delete 12022 0 3 2007-08-23 17:17:00 1 Batch status update Edit Delete 12023 0 3 2007-08-23 17:17:01 1 Batch status update Edit Delete 12024 0 3 2007-08-23 17:17:01 1 Batch status update Edit Delete 12025 0 3 2007-08-23 17:17:01 1 Batch status update Edit
  10. dhenderson

    Batch Update Status Support

    Ok, I did a little more testing. It seems that the batch status update is working if I only check one customer to update. However, if I choose 2 or more and try to update their status, it does update it for all intents and purposes, unfortunately it does not add that to the messages area. So we cannot see that the update has been done. It shows the correct status on the orders screen where it lists a bunch of orders at once, but if you go to a specific customer's order page there's no way to tell what his status actually is if it has been updated with the batch status updater. Any thoughts on what could be causing this problem and maybe what I could do to fix it? Thank you, David Henderson
  11. dhenderson

    Batch Update Status Support

    I have been using this contribution for a while and love it! However, we recently moved to a different hosting and for some reason after the move, when we use the batch update, it does update the order, but in the order status history box on the bottom of the screen, there are no update notes there. I know it is updating the orders because if I go into the order and try to update it to something like shipped after updating it to shipped with the batch update, it gives me an error saying it's already been done. However, you cannot tel it was done because the order status history isn't showing it. Now if I am in the order and have it set to shipped and add a comment (causing there to be something for it to add) it will update the order and also show that update in the order status history portion. Any idea why the batch status update is not parsing to the order status history section? Thank you, David Henderson
  12. dhenderson

    Recover Cart Sales

    OK, well I've odne a little more digging, and I did see what you are talking about with the database. I got the recover cart sales to work maybe 2 times out of 100 tries. Once I sent off a weeks worth of abandoned carts, the dates of those showed up in the scart table. So I now know that it isn't about it collecting data. Here is what is really odd, I set up hosting on another server at another host and didn't change anything with the recover cart sales contribution, and it worked wonderfully! So it seems that there must be some sort of conflict. It also seems that it is getting bogged down in the queries somewhere, because it is trying to work, and did work like I said, 2 times out of 100 tries. However, I find it really odd that if it is just bogging down, I don't get that time out error or anything. Any new ideas based on the info I gave here possibly?:) Thank you, David Henderson P.S. It is version 2.22 that is on there now, so today I am going to try installing version 2.22c and see if that helps.
  13. dhenderson

    Recover Cart Sales

    This was installed on my site and working fine, but for some reason, it no longer works. The server was upgraded to mysql5 and I have done all of the modifications needed to make oscommerce work on mysql5 but the recover cart sales function is not working any longer. When I click on the link in the admin area to go to recover cart sales it tries to load a new page, but never does. The page just sits there and tries and tries to load, but never does. I looked at the scart table in the database and it shows the last entry being about 2 months ago, which is when the upgrade to mysql5 was done. So it seems that no new information is being collected in the database, and that I cannot get to the admin area of recover cart sales. Any idea what I can do to correct this? I really loved this contribution and it is driving us mad to not be able to use it! Thank you, David Henderson