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  1. ce55l

    Credit Card with CVV2 Version v2.2RC2a

    i get this error on checkout_confirmation.php page also credit card number is missing, error: Warning: str_repeat() [function.str-repeat]: Second argument has to be greater than or equal to 0 in public_html/includes/modules/payment/cc.php Any Idea ?
  2. ce55l

    Featured Product Support v1.5.4

    Thanks you saved me lots of time with this example i needed 2 colum and two rows to i changed it to: $col ++; if ($col > 1) { $col = 0; $row ++; }
  3. ce55l

    Attribute Sets Plus

    What a great contribute!!! THANKS :rolleyes:
  4. Hey Richy, I had the same problem with my hebrew website, this problem is caused because the admin section is in latin 1 charset and when you try to add new product or category it is breakdown to more then 32 characters. anyway what I did to fix it is go to the database to table name categories_description and increase the varchar Type to 255 for 32 for field name categories_name. for product name go to table products_description do the same for field name products_name.
  5. I have STS and osCAffiliate installed how to i call osCAffiliate to work with my STS template, can I get example?