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  1. NoE

    Abandoned Carts

    I've got it working and I get already feedback from my customers. (thumbs up smiley) I noticed a few things: - fonts, the customer name and totals are "default" New Times roman. I tried to change them but i wasn't succesful. - scart_report is not working correctly. I have 53 records examined, and one "testorder" is succesfully recoverd. suddenly i see myself a lot of times in the scart_report.
  2. NoE

    Abandoned Carts

    Hello, Sounds cool... But I think I messed up mij implementation. can you tell me, which files need where? and does the orginal file to be kept.? thanks...
  3. NoE

    Abandoned Carts

    sorry, didn't look right...
  4. NoE

    Abandoned Carts

    i've copy and pasted all the code I could find. only i'm still looking for the sql statements. if somebody can be so kind... thanks... or is there maybe already a "beta"-contribution... thanks?