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  1. Eskes

    PHP Point of Sale alternative

    Hi all! We are running a web shop and consider to also open a normal shop and integrate the Point of Sale with oscommerce. I Have tested PHP Point of Sale and are not rely happy with it. Not integrated with users for instance. Anyone having any other contribution that could we worth testing? Regards Mattias Sweden
  2. Eskes

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    In ver 5.0.3 was this fixed. -Fixed the shipping tax bug (shipping tax added twice to the order total on sites with Display Price with Tax set to 'true') as pointed out by EuroTimmy in the support thread However with some Swedish models of shipping seams it still be there. I did add a line after : if (!isset($shipping_quotes[$i]['tax'])) $shipping_quotes[$i]['tax'] = 0; to solve the problem temporary. $shipping_quotes[$i]['tax'] = 0; This in both order_edit and order_edit_ajax. At least on more in Sweden have the same problem with 5.0.6 Anyone else? //Mattias