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  1. bigjat69

    Batch Printing without Frames or PDF

    just uploaded new contribution This contribution is based on 2005-04-30 Batch Printing Without Frames or PDF v1.3 by Dan Sullivan 1.This contribution fixes mouseover and onclick issues where individual rows could not be selected for edit, delete, invoice and packing slip functions. 2.There is also a fix for order status not being updated where $autoupdatestatus = $HTTP_POST_VARS['autoupdatestatus']; $autostatus = $HTTP_POST_VARS['autostatus']; are now defined in catalog/admin/print_batch_process.php 3.If no order is selected the window now has text link to close window along with Error: no orders selected! 4.orders.php is automatically refreshed when confirm button is pressed (via onSubmit="window.location.reload()" function) Regards, web-junkies
  2. bigjat69

    (newbie help) Pricing a range of quantities

    try this contribution http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1242 Hope that helps Regards, web-junkies
  3. This thread has been started as the original link for Maximum Product Quantity with Admin is dead. Many thanks to kayakbabe, zlochko and talkingtowns for their hard work. If you want to use NULL as the default value for maximum product quantity and set individual levels via the admin please use the updated contribution at http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4155 this is a complete package to fix broken checkout and maximum quantity changing from null to 0 when editing a product. Regards, web-junkies
  4. bigjat69

    Max total amount in cart

    the contribution states it is based on new Release (osCommerce 2.2 Milestone 2 051112 Update Released) http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/3755 so why do you need to update it to fit v2.2 RC 1 or 2 ? am i misunderstanding your question? regards web-junkies
  5. The categories shown in this mod are the actual Xnumber of categories that the best selling products belong to, whether they are top tier, subcats or sub-subcats. This contribution adds a box under bestsellers (products) that shows the DISTINCT best selling categories (whether a product from that category has made it to the best selling products or not). At the moment there is no admin section and the max categories returned is the same as max best selling products set in the admin panel. this can be changed by editing line 14 in best_sellers_cat.php (added by this contri) from pd.products_name limit " . MAX_DISPLAY_BESTSELLERS); to pd.products_name limit x"); where x = int value of max categories to return. Simply make the changes in bestselling_cats.txt to implement. The contri will be updated as and when we get a chance to implement an independent admin section. Regards web-junkies http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/5717
  6. bigjat69

    Categories modification problem

    if you want to get rid of the numbers go to the admin panel, configuration, mystore. Now look for the option 'Show Category Counts'. Set this to false and the nav should look like the gif you made. Regards, Web-junkies
  7. sorry, having gone through some of your other posts i 'think' (therefore i hope) i know what you want. Basically am i right in thinking you want customers to be able to personalise gifts but you wish to set max character for them to do this? ie Looking for a contribution that lets your customer personalize products with max characters. Being a new member i am very suprised you had no answer since May 2007. Install Option Type Feature (OTF) v. 2.0, then in the backend (admin section)...go to admin..catalogue..product attibutes. on the left-hand side of the page scroll down until you see a line across with an 'insert' button at the end. In these text boxes you put your text for the different languages but only default lan text in the comment box. In the box under 'length' specify the max characters the user can input for personalisation. in the box next to click to change 'select' to textarea, then hit insert button. Now scroll down the entire page until you see 'Product Attributes' as the header. select the product that you want to apply this for e.g. glass stein, and then product options and attributes you wish to apply. when the product is added to cart the textarea will fill a bar according to what percent of the total character you allow for personalisation are used, and the actual text a customer fills will be passed through in the order as an otion attribute.