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  1. majik

    staffelpreis configuration

    You could add a test to the code to see if the PID exists in the products_staffelpreis before printing the text.... Or you could do a rowcount on the records returned to see if they are greater than 0 or not.
  2. majik

    How To Make Contributions

    Perhaps the wrong forum for this, but: I think it would be cool to be able to keep track of how many people have downloaded a contrib. I made a (somewhat pathetic) enhancement to a contrib a while back, and to my surprise, I have gotten some feedback from people actually using it. It would be cool to know how many people have downloaded it.
  3. I know I am cross posting, but I wanted to make sure that people can find this if they need it. I patched together a very awkward solution to the Staffelpreis vs. Specials problem and contributed it here: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ions,403/page,7 There are many limitations to this solution, and it is anything but elegant, but no one else was making one so there it is. Hopefully programmers who are much more skilled than I will be able to refine it a little. Or rewrite it - better yet.
  4. Nevermind. I patched together a pretty ugly solution myself. I even contributed it. You can reach it here: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...ions,403/page,7
  5. Does anyone know how to make the Staffelpreis contrib work with the built-in Specials feature? When I try to add a discount to a product, it only affects the single part price, and the quantity discounts remain as they were. I would like to be able to add a X% discount and have it apply to all the quantity tiers as well. Much appreciation. ~Jon
  6. Erwin, I was wondering if that offer applies to all. I have a rough idea of how it might be done (staffelpreis and specials), but what I am thinking might be more than is necessary. Can you send me examples or a description of what you've done? Thanks.
  7. majik

    Minimum Price to Order V1.5a

    It appears to. Mine was from around August I think. Word of caution though: there is an error in the instruction text that comes with the mod. Step Two tells you to modify your shopping_cart.php file, when actually you need to make that change in the checkout_payment.php file. Once I realized that, it was smooth sailing.