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  1. I could use a little help making STS and Ultrapics play nice together. I've posted this also in the Ultrapics forum, but not sure which it is more an issue for! When I use a custom product_info.php.html file in place of the $content variable, I don't get the thumbnails for the extra images provided by Ultrapics. I tried to add the code from Ultrapics' revised main product_info.php file -- but it isn't able to pull from the database. I'm not sure why. Has anyone successfully gotten this to work? I'm at a loss. Thank you for any help you can provide!
  2. mndonx

    Ultrapics + Lightbox 2.03.3

    And a final note for the night -- I took the added Ultrapics code from the main product_info.php file and stuck it in my custom product_info.php STS content template (product_info.php_29.html, for product #29) and it added the little magnifying glass, but it couldn't find the images that it needed. The resulting code looked like this: <a href="http://www.mysite.com/images/" rel="lightbox"> <img src="includes/sts_templates/full/images/" border="0" alt="" width="50" height="50" hspace="1" vspace="1"> <br> <img src="includes/languages/english/images/buttons/image_enlarge.gif" border="0" alt="Click to enlarge" title=" Click to enlarge " width="65" height="18"> </a>
  3. mndonx

    Ultrapics + Lightbox 2.03.3

    OK - I turned off my product_info.php template for like 2 seconds (it's a live site), and the thumbnails appeared! So why might they not be showing on my product pages with templates? (They are simple templates without a lot of code in them at all - just the bare essentials). Is there some code I need to include in those templates that I'm missing? I also tried using templates that were outside of the content folder that just used the $content variable, hoping that would make the thumbnails appear. That didn't work either for some reason. Thank you for any help!
  4. mndonx

    Ultrapics + Lightbox 2.03.3

    Hi - I've been trying to get this contribution to work for about a week. I double checked that all the files were correct, but I'm still not seeing anything on my pages. I've added the new images to test items, but they are not appearing on those pages. I felt like it might be an issue with the template since I'm using STS, but even on test pages that just use the $content variable, I'm not seeing the additional images thumbnails. I'm sorry I can't provide more to go on, but if anyone can give me tips on where to start narrowing down the problem that would be appreciated! Thanks!
  5. mndonx

    STS and Ultrapics

    I'm confused about this too - I'm using a template for $content, which is where ultrapics shows -- so how does that work? I can't get the additional images in the template, or get lightbox to work....
  6. Whoops, just saw the fix on the module's contribution page. Sorry!
  7. I set up the Verisign payflow module and when I run a transaction for $1, it charges the credit card $100! This is scary. Has anyone seen this before? help! Thanks, Amanda
  8. mndonx

    Duplicate Transaction in Verisign

    I'm having a similar, scary problem: when I test a $1 transaction, it charges the cc $100!! Has anyone seen anything like that? I'm a little freaked about it because I'm not a php whiz.