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  1. danicasati

    Newsletter & Subscribtion for MS2

    Sorry. Could you post any screenshot about this installed contribution? Thank you.
  2. Hello. I'm installed PIPS contribution: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...all/search,pips In totalization I've made the following changes: Subtotal: 1 PIPS: 2 Tax: 3 Total: 4 Ok, here the problem: PIPS are not includeed into tax calculation!!! ANy suggestion?
  3. danicasati

    Error with stock quantity if a edit an order!

    Ok, problem solved. I've missed a line... :blush: Thank you for your support.
  4. danicasati

    Error with stock quantity if a edit an order!

    Hello. Thank you very much for your answer, but your code doesn't work. I've added the IF statement following your instructions, but osCommerce add or remove quantity if I modify the order with ORDER EDITOR. Any suggestion?
  5. Hello. In my webshop, I disabled the stock control. So, if users buy products, stock values are not changing. I put 0 if I haven't units, and 1 if I have got. But, If I edit an order with your contribution (ORDER EDITOR 1.61c), products quantity changes stock quantity. I need to disable this feature! Which lines I need to change in order to do this?
  6. danicasati

    New task for order editor

    There is a serious bug in ORDER EDITOR contribution! I have the following order: 1) SUBTOTAL 2) TAXES 3) TOTAL 4) SHIPPING But when I edit an order, the contribution includes SHIPPING with the rest of the order, and calculates TAX with shipping, but shipping is not includeed into total. How can I fix this?
  7. danicasati

    New task for order editor

    Hello. I'm using this fantastic contribution, but I've a little question: - How can I set a discount for individual products? Actually, I can set a discount for total price. But I need to set an individual discount for any product added to the cart. Any suggestion?
  8. Hola. A mi se presenta el mismo problema que MIDILANDIA. En mi web tengo s?lo el espa?ol como idioma, y el orden es 0. Cambio este parametro en el fichero /admin/quick_stockupdate.php pero sigo sin ver el desplegable de las categor?as. ?C?mo puedo corregir este problema?
  9. danicasati

    Activate Money Order from a price

    Ok. I changed this: /catalog/includes/configure.php added: define('COD_LIMIT', 180); /catalog/includes/application_top.php added: define('COD_LIMIT', 180); /catalog/includes/modules/payment/cod.php added: if ($this->enabled == true) { // if the module is enabled if ($cart->show_total() <= COD_LIMIT) { // if cart total below or equal to limit $this->enabled = false; // disable this module } } after this string: $this->enabled = ((MODULE_PAYMENT_COD_STATUS == 'True') ? true : false); But when I try to checkout, I display this message: Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/catalog/includes/modules/payment/cod.php on line 27 where "xxxx..." is my server path. Any suggestion?
  10. danicasati

    Activate Money Order from a price

    Right. Which file I need to modify in order to add the "define" statement?
  11. danicasati

    Activate Money Order from a price

    Thank you, boxtel, for your answer. But, where can I place exactly this code?
  12. danicasati

    Activate Money Order from a price

    Hello. In my website I actually have 3 payment modules: - Money Order - Cod - 1 contribution (Cheque) I need to display certain payment module depending of total price. For example: If total < 180 $ then display only MONEY ORDER If total > 180 $ then display ALL MODULES How can I do this?
  13. danicasati

    Multi pickup

    Hello. I've installed MULTI PICKUP CONTRIBUTION, all was ok, no errors. I'd like to change a little detail of this contribution: - When I display "catalog/checkout_shipping.php", appears the follow: PICKUP ADDRESS #1 0,00 ? [radio button] PICKUP ADDRESS #2 0,00 ? [radio button] and I want to remove "0,00 ?" string. How can I do this?
  14. danicasati

    Suggestions for Additional Images

    Download ADDITIONAL IMAGES contribution, it's very easy to install. I've tried other contributions like MOPICS, but I think that are more hard to integrate.
  15. Sorry, but I've a little problem. I've installed the contribution, I can add additional pictures normally into my control panel, but, when I try to display the product, I get follow error: 1054 - Unknown column 'medium_images' in 'field list' SELECT additional_images_id, products_id, images_description, medium_images, popup_images FROM additional_images WHERE products_id = '36' [TEP STOP] How can I solve this problem? Thank you in advance.