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  1. x-phoenix

    Problems installing IPN contribution

    Get a new host? :lol: I use Filezilla v2.2.30 and 1and1 as my host (for the past year) and I've never had a problem transferring files via FTP. Seriously though, try reuploading the paypal IPN files again. It's a solid module so if you have an unmodded osCommerce install and you upload the files correctly then everything should work correctly. If you continue to have FTP problems, contact GoDaddy's technical support.
  2. x-phoenix

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Just wanted to chime in that I am also having a problem within the payapl sandbox (and my test site on localhost) with paypal returning me to my website correctly after the purchase has been completed. As stated by another poster, the "Return to Merchant" text hyperlink within the payment process correctly returns me to my website. After paying, however, the hyperlink button "Complete Your Order Confirmation" does not return me correctly to my website. The payment seems to be processed correctly and the test email is sent correctly so this is a minor problem but I'd like to be able to solve it in order to maintain some semblance of professionalism :lol: Not looking forward to diving into all the programming code...any one solved this problem yet? Also, major Thank You to Terra and company who developed this module and continue to support it!
  3. x-phoenix

    Testing PayPal / Sandbox

    I ran into that problem the first time I set up my test buyer and seller accounts last week. What was happening was that paypal had automatically entered my test seller login name in the login field and I was supplying my test buyer password. Sometimes paypal will also automatically enter my sandbox account login name in the test account login field instead of my test buyer login name. Double-check that both the test account login and password information are correctly entered in the login field. Once I figured out my mistake I had no trouble logging in and using the test accounts. Hope you are able to work out your problems.