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    Capture Customers name and chagre per letter of name

    Seems to me that you may have to just go kerplunking in your payment module and do a simple strlen(). Just my two cents.
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    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Hmm, Ive been poking around a little more and im really starting to wonder what is changing between attempts to continue past the payment information to confirmation page. Sometimes even just going back after a succesful submission to try and submit it again will cause the system to fail to advance to the next page but the kicker is no less then a few seconds before it was working. I am wondering if possibly a configuration issue with the administrative panel is the problem.. anybody got any ideas?
  3. jimbobway

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Hi guys, I appologize if this thread has already answered this problem, but I have been unable to find any help for this particular problem. http://www.spycitystore.com/ is the website. Anywho.. the system is in debug mode so feel free to make an account and attempt to check some stuff out.. ull notice the problem occuring at the checkout_payment.php stage when the page is supposed to redirect to the confirmation page with full check out details but instead just redirects back to same page. Now after doing some more testing I do also notice that sometimes it does work. But sometimes it does not also. I have tried 2 of the mainstreem browsers (ie, firefox) and the problem seems to be reproducting in both browsers. The shoping cart works, so cookies are obviosly working, but I am a little confused as to if this problem is caused by the paypal module or the system itself? I did find one unanswered post also : http://forums.oscommerce.com/lofiversion/i...hp?t186891.html
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    Module Search Help

    Allthough I have not done a large ammount of research.. what I have done has produced nothing, so I find myself here asking this very simple question. I need to implement extra shipping costs added to price at checkout time based on where the manufacturer is (could be more then one). Where the client we are sending the crap to is located.. and the weight of the items in question. Is it also possible to tackon extra fees associated with the product if the vender/store administrator believes such should be the case. My question to you is: What modules offer some of these traits? Is there a module that offers all of these traits? Where do i find it? What is its name? Thanks.