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  1. yahalimu

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Hi, I don't think the discount issue has been reported previously so I doubt its been addressed but I'm in a similar situation. It doesn't handle discounts and the totals go out when any changes are made. If a product, for example, is changed it recalculates the order totals. BUT 1) The new TAX is calculated ignoring the discount. 2) The new order total uses this Tax amount but also ignores the discount line. Where in the code does it re-calculate the totals? Couldn't find it.
  2. Hi, I tried that in my htaccess, got 500 server error, logs said not enough attributes. For now I have worked around my cookie issue by forcing the correct session by passing the session ID back to checkout_process in the POST variables of my callback function but would be nice to fix the cookie issue. (without upgrading to
  3. I'm afraid OsCommerce has always been that way. In fact in its early years if you couldn't code PHP you were stuck with the basic 'out the box' bland unfriendly looking version which no-one ever uses. Phoenix is a 'project in progress' to remove this limitation but still some PHP knowledge is needed if you want to expand the basic look of the site. although much dependence on coding has now been removed in terms of adding extra modules etc.. Doesn't mean you have to be an expert, I can do PHP enough for my site but its not my forte, I'm expert in assembler, not really useful for Phoenix. If you can't code at all maybe a word-press or shopify site is more appropriate..
  4. yahalimu

    Cloud VPS for OsC

    I ban Amazon AWS as they scrape my site and slow the database response time down, really annoying. Luckily we don't sell to USA much.. The FPM_Apache memory use goes sky high and I get alerts. Unfortunately they soon start using another IP range which needs another ban range in htaccess. So far I have the following bad list of scrappers: Order Allow,Deny # Webmeup Deny from 176.9.9 Deny from 5.9.6 # Amazon Deny from Deny from 54.210.225 Deny from 54.147.128 Deny from 34.234.92 Deny from 52.200.134 Deny from 3.83.158 Deny from 54.221.69 Deny from 35.175.145 Deny from 18.206.119 # Ahrefs Deny from Deny from Deny from Deny from Deny from Deny from Deny from #Huwawai cloud Deny from 114.119 # Semrush Deny from 46.229 Allow from all It is true from an earlier post that getting a larger and faster VPS is just hiding the problem, because it wont slow down so much with scrapping, but his contrib wont work with Phoenix and I don't want to continually keep banning IP's. So I've gone for a faster NORMAL VPS at great expense. I tried a cloud VPS but I found the back-office stuff was seriously slowed down. FTP took an age and it wouldn't import my database in PHPMYADMIN without breaking and then continuing, which didn't always work. The new normal VPS imports a dump all in one go. And yes I did max out the PHP timeout to see, it still broke the import.
  5. Any further progress with Xero & OsC? Would be nice to import invoices/customer & product details. I have this working OK with QB on Phoenix and am told we need to move to Xero but without this functionality I'm not keen.
  6. yahalimu

    Cloud VPS for OsC

    Indeed, I have been blocking most data skimmers via htaccess as robots.txt is less effective. The memory used by apache climbs and climbs, slows the whole site down, I notice the slow down and manually ban their IP. Got quite a large IP ban list now. Amazon, Ahrefs, Huwawei and other skimmers. Fail2Ban seems ineffective but maybe I haven't configured it properly.
  7. yahalimu

    Cloud VPS for OsC

    Hi, Great I think I'll give it a go. Firstly cost wise it seems MUCH cheaper. ( The cloud VPS is run by one of the biggest hosters in EU) I just wondered if there was a catch. My site has been on various VPS for about 12 years. Just the one site on its own IP. We have quite a bit of traffic (About 1200 unique visitors per day not counting bots etc), normally 10-20 online at any one point. As I mentioned slow downs seems to be MySQL related and I was told it was probably due to other users on the machine rather than extreme traffic or complex queries with many results.. I am moving as my current host seems unable to re-partition the drive to give me the disk space I upgraded to without a whole new server & IP ! Pretty poor really. Doesn't encourage me about their Linux admin capabilities. A cloud server is also MUCH easier to upgrade I'm told. I think I'll 'get with the kids' and try the cloud.! Hopefully more control over the MySQL server in terms of guaranteed bandwidth, etc
  8. yahalimu

    Cloud VPS for OsC

    Hi, Due to a rubbish support with out current normal VPS I am considering moving to a cloud based VPS from a large supplier. MUCH cheaper, more memory and SSD space and much better value for money. Has anyone used a cloud VPS? Any comments as regards performance versus a normal server? The main slow down is currently caused by MySQL access, in a normal VPS the MySQL server is shared between other VPS on that machine, will a cloud based VPS not have this issue as it is shared differently? Anyone tried both enough to compare? lain
  9. yahalimu

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Hi, Probably not using the most up to date version, but on Phoenix if there is a discount value (i.e. using a discount code addon) it doesn't seem to handle the tax/order total values correctly when re-calculating. Works perfectly if not. Might be worth catering for this for any future update.
  10. Sorry to bump this but STILL getting lost orders. Is it a Cookie Samesite attribute error maybe? https://www.neowin.net/news/chrome-80-arrives-today-with-potentially-site-breaking-cookie-changes/ It started about the same time and maybe explains why it is so random if it happens.
  11. Looking at the specification: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6265#section- It clearly warns against adding the www so I assume that browsers are getting much more compliant than they were, especially Chrome. Its been like this for many years without too many issues. Another example where assumptions are the mother of all ****-ups.
  12. HI, That's logical as www is a sub-domain. (doh) We shall see. Thanks.
  13. Tanks Raiwa, tried that but still very occasionally redirects to login still. Its a mystery.
  14. Sorry yes the www is there, was a typo.
  15. Nah didnt fix it. Yet more today, a few others went through OK. I've checked the server log and it doesn't seem happen with a common browser. This is my config file, fairly standard for an SSL site I think. define('HTTP_SERVER', 'https://www.XXXX.co.uk'); define('HTTPS_SERVER', 'https://XXXX.co.uk'); define('ENABLE_SSL',true); define('HTTP_COOKIE_DOMAIN', 'www.XXXX.co.uk'); define('HTTPS_COOKIE_DOMAIN', 'www.XXXX.co.uk'); define('HTTP_COOKIE_PATH', '/'); define('HTTPS_COOKIE_PATH', '/'); define('DIR_WS_HTTP_CATALOG', '/'); define('DIR_WS_HTTPS_CATALOG', '/'); www.XXXX.co.uk is the common name on the SSL cert. I think I'll admit defeat, now ITCHING to get the phoenix replacement site online now (booked for Easter) so hopefully the problem will disapear. I suppose I could switch off force cookies but unsure how that will impact the site, I seem to remember force cookies is best.